KHCB Broadcast – Pastor’s Q & A – April 15, 2021

KHCB Broadcast – Pastor’s Q & A – April 15, 2021
none • Dr. Andy Woods • April 15, 2021 • KHCB Radio


KHCB – Q & A – April 15, 2021

The transcript contains the Questions received – parenthesis indicate where in the broadcast the question is asked :


1 – (04:00) – I’ve often heard the intertestamental years, called the “Silent Years” because no scripture was written in that time, yet, isn’t it true that a least one prophecy was fulfilled in that period…which was Daniel’s (Daniel 11) prophecy of the desecration of the Temple led by Antiochus Epiphanes.  Would you agree that the period was not totally silent?

2 – (12:00) – Back in Bible times, it was ok to put away a wife.  In the story of Hannah, she was barren and her husband took another wife, a second wife, and she was very difficult to live with but she had children. Would the husband been able to divorce her and keep the children?

3 – (16:50) – What did the Jews back in the day, how much did they know about Jesus? Or did they know anything at all before He was born?  I know that scripture prophesied about Him, but were there any indicators about Him, were they expecting it?

4 – (22:31) – Can you comment on ministers today who regard themselves as apostles or prophets?   Also, can a Christian be an organ donor (regarding the Resurrection)?

5 – (34:57) – When Christians get to Heaven, will they remember how they died?  Will Christians remember what they were doing on the Earth when they are Raptured?

6 – (36:36) – Why is it today, that we see preachers and ministers giving themselves titles like Doctors, Doctor-this, Doctor-that, when the Apostles never gave themselves titles except servants of Jesus Christ?

7 – (42:30) – Can women be ministers in the same sense that we see men fulfilling that role in the Bible?

8 – (48:10) – Grace versus obedience – did Jesus ever teach salvation by Grace?

9 – (53:10) – James 2:18 – Would you compare that verse to Romans 11:6 where is compares grace to works?  In Hebrews 6:5, how do I know if I have tasted of the powers of the world to come?

10 – (57:40) – The 10 Kings in Revelation 17:12, will they be revealed before or after the Rapture?