Exposing Islam – Part 2A

Exposing Islam – Part 2A
1 John 2:22-23 • Shahram Hadian • March 11, 2018 • Exposing Islam


Shahram Hadian

Exposing Islam, Part 2A

March 11, 2018

Andy Woods-There’s two reasons why I really like Shahram Hadian: the first reason is because he’s the only pastor in the United States of America that I have ever been able to find that preaches longer sermons than myself.  Laughter/clapping.  And that’s an accomplishment, believe me.  And the second reason I really, really like him, the reason I love him is because he talks about things that you don’t hear anywhere else.  And those of you that were with us to the Sunday School hour   know that and it’s going to continue into this service as well.  And what we’re hoping is what you experienced this morning with Shahram will be kind of a foretaste, if you will, of greater things     to come because he is our featured speaker, he’s teaching eight sessions at the Chafer Theological Seminary Conference which goes this week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It’s a conference that literally goes all day.  He’s the main speaker, he’s speaking I think eight times; there’ll be other speakers as well but it’s located right here locally at West Houston Bible Church; it’s free as in       f-r-e-e, free!  And if you’re interested in finding out more information about that, number 1, we have a schedule on the name tag table on your way out.  And number 2 you can go to this website, DeanBibleMinistries.org. and find out all the information there is to know about the conference.   So it’s going to be a great week of fortifying us in truth.

Some people have asked if these sessions that we’re doing here are recorded and they are; you can find these archived on the SLBC website, Facebook Page, Sermon Audio, just pick your poison.  And if you’re interested in having an audio copy and/or a video copy we make those available as well.  They will not be available immediately after the service but they’ll be available sometime next week.  So if you send an e-mail to the church we’ll get you those as well free, f-r-e-e, free!  Because we don’t believe that the gospel should be charged.  This church, as you might recognize doesn’t pass an offering plate.  And check this out, all this property that we’re on is fully paid for.  Isn’t that amazing?  Now should you feel so inclined to give…. [laughter] there’s these two inconspicuous boxes on your way out; that’s between you and the Lord and we won’t second guess your salvation or anything, depending on your choice.

And some of you may want to give to Shahram’s ministry; you can do that at his book table which he’ll be at in the back after the service is over.  Or if you want to make a check out and just put in the memo TIL and make that out to Shahram Hadian, I guess… just TIL which stands for Truth In Love.  So those are those financial things I have to talk about, although I hate talking about it because we are so disparaged in ministry for bringing up monetary issues.

At this time I’m going to turn it over to Shahram Hadian, he’s going to be talking about the whole issue of Islam.  This is not an “I hate Muslims” session; this is a session about the pernicious theology and ideology of Islam and you’re going to hear things from him that you probably have never heard anywhere else.  And when he’s finished I’m going to come back up at the very end and do the benediction and briefly present the gospel.  So at this time let’s welcome Shahram Hadian.

Shahram:  Thank you pastor Andy.  Hello, how are you guys.  Good morning; it’s a blessing to be back with you here in Sugarland and it’s been a few years but it’s always a blessing to come back.  And thank you for your hospitality, for your graciousness, and as I said in the first session, in the Sunday School hour, I praise God and I hope you praise God for your leadership here because Pastor Woods, Jim and others, you guys have godly shepherds here that God has placed.   So praise God for that.  Amen.

This morning Andy said that we’re going till dinner I think he said and so now it’s a competition because he said who’s going to longer… no, this is going to be rapid fire actually this morning because what I’m going to be sharing is actually part of a long presentation, which I don’t have  time to give this morning but we have it on DVD, which is called The Trojan Horse of Interfaith Dialogue.  We’re going to be talking about how the gospel of Jesus Christ is being compromised.  How we, as believers today, instead of boldly proclaiming the gospel to those who are lost and without hope of salvation, we are in this sort of hodge-podge of ecumenicalism and we’re going to all believe we worship the same thing and we can all get along.  And really, I believe that it is doing not only a disservice to those who are lost but it’s doing a disservice to the church.  We are not equipping the church for its mission, for her mission to be the bride of Christ.

Before I do that just a little bit about my background there on the screen, you can see a little bit there.  I shared my testimony in the Sunday School hour, I won’t have time to share it here really, I’ll give you snippets but I’ll give  you the very, very quick version.  Being born in Iran I was raised and born into a Muslim family.  I witnessed Iran fall to Islam; Iran was not an Islamic country when I was born there but in 1979 became an Islamic country when the overthrow of the government happened.   Now was it Muslim populated?  Of course, it was Muslim majority populated but it was not being governed by Islam.  And so I witnessed my birth country fall to Islam.  I witnessed freedom’s lost.  My family had to flee and leave.  My dad  used to be in the military under the Shah and he retired and got out because of things that he saw happening.

And for me when I finally, in 1999 when the gospel was shared with me, I said this in the earlier session, and I don’t say this in a derogatory manner, when I came to the west I had Christian friends but none of them ever shared the gospel with me; they were nice.  They were nice, they were very hospitable and friendly but they didn’t tell me the truth that could set me free, until 1999, until somebody had the courage to share the gospel with me.

And I’ll just lickety-split tell you the two very critical things that were important to me as a Muslim becoming a Christian and that is:  number 1, the hope of salvation; if Muslims are honest they have no guarantee of salvation but martyrdom.  If you don’t want to be a martyr that means you have to try to be a good Muslim, do the best you can and hope that Allah accepts, the god of Islam accepts your works but you never know.  You never know!  In this life you never know, in fact, you have to die and go to hell before you can go to heaven.  Every person, according to Islam, must go through basically hell as a station to get through that entry into Paradise.  So growing up that put a tremendous fear of death and dying in my heart because I, as a Christian today, I don’t have that fear.  As a Muslim I did; as a Muslim I was terrified of dying because I didn’t want to become a martyr, I liked life, so therefore I thought I’m not a good Muslim.  I knew I was not a good Muslim, a devout Muslim and so therefore that leads to a tremendous fear of dying.

And I think if Muslims were honest with themselves, when I have conversations with them and if I can get them to be honest they will say yeah, we have no guarantee of salvation.  Therefore think about that, what if they’re wrong?  And that’s what’s so sad about this interfaith stuff, which I’ll get to.  So number 1, for me that was a huge aspect.  So in 1999 when the gospel was preached to me and for the first time in my life I’m hearing that the God of the Bible doesn’t want me to die for Him, the God of the Bible has died for me so I can live for him and have eternal life, I realized for the first time there’s no way that these can be the same.  And that’s ultimately what the Lord showed me in my own testimony, is that both cannot be true, one is true, one is a lie, I have to choose.  And in 1999 I chose Christ.

The second half of my testimony that I mentioned earlier was the fact that I had no relationship with God because again, if  Muslims are honest they will tell you that Allah, the god of Islam, is not a personable and knowable God.  He is distant, you don’t interact with him, even when you go to heaven.  According to them when you go to heaven you’re not “with” him because he doesn’t interact with his creation.  I thought what is the point of going to heaven and being with god if you can’t be with God.  Does that make sense.   Come to find out that’s not the true God. Amen.  The true God is our Father, the true God desires to have a relationship with us.  The true God wants to spend an eternity with us.  Again, they can’t both be the same.

So these were factors for me and many other factors; I have a DVD on the back table that I’ll be talking about several times today as well, called Chrislam exposed.  And as I mentioned earlier on a special feature I recorded my testimony and the testimony of two other former Muslims from Iran, very powerful testimony to share with you the power of the gospel.  As I mentioned earlier, a very important fact to understand right now as we speak in Iran, after 40 years of Islamic rule and some of the worst persecution of Christians in the world, Iran is, by according to many statistics the fastest growing church in the world.  There is a revival happening in Iran as we speak.  And that’s why even a month ago when you saw the protests in Iran you saw the young people were on the street and they were saying down with Khamenei,, down with Islam.  They’re tired of the yoke of Islam and they want freedom.  But many are choosing Christ.  I just had my cousin email me, Facebook me, about a couple of months ago and she was asking questions about Christianity and I just came to find out that she became a Christian, in Iran!  [clapping]  So praise God.

So God is working if we don’t get in His way.  So let us not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Amen!  Again, I’ll interweave a little bit of my testimony, we’ve got to move on for the sake of time.  Before I get into just the presentation let’s cover our source material because we want to make sure that we’re very accurate as we describe things this morning.  Obviously I’m going to be quoting out of the Bible and I know that in this church what I was about to say is not an issue but I have to day it: there are three primary things that the Bible asserts about itself:  One, that is the inerrant Word of God.  Two, that the entire Bible must be taken as the counsel of God.  And three, it was inspired and given to multiple witnesses over approximately a 1500-1600 year time frame, forty witnesses over that time frame.

This is important to understand because sadly today according to a, I think it was a Pulitzer Poll last year, 47% of professing Christians in America no longer believe the Bible is inerrant Word of God, parts are, parts aren’t.  My question is which parts do you pick and choose?  So we’re at the point now in the church that for me to say I believe in Christian or I’m a Christian or the Bible, you know of have to ask a bunch of clarifying questions now.  But the same is true, by the way, for Islam and for Muslims because just because someone says I’m a Muslim… if my dad, who’s say a Muslim, but he’s not a practicing Muslim, does that make sense, he doesn’t pray five times a day, he didn’t go to the Mosque, he ate pork, he drank alcohol, he was an equal opportunity sinner.  [Laughter]

And so therefore we have to be able to clarify.

Now the biggest statement we make in dealing with Islam from a textual standpoint, and I see this all the time, is we’ll say well, the Bible is the only source of authority for us Christians.  Right?  Amen!  There is no other source of authority.  That is not the case for Islam.   Islam actually has three sources of authority.  Most people think well, isn’t only the Qur’an, Muslims only follow the Qur’an because they believe the Qur’an is the revelation of their god, Allah; the word Qur’an in the Arabic means to recite, so supposedly the angel Gabriel showed up (I’ll be covering this in the conference, our first session tomorrow is going to be on apologetics, the Bible versus the Qur’an, and we talk about the fact that Mohammed believed he was visited by a [can’t understand word] spirit.  He actually thought he was demon possessed.  Later he’s convinced that it was the angel Gabriel.

Now here’s my hunch—I think he was right in the beginning, that he was visited by a demon but the claim is that it was the angel Gabriel.  Remember the same angel Gabriel that showed up to Mary 600 years earlier shows up to Mohammed 600 years, approximately 600 years later, because he was born at 570, he claims he got his first revelation in 601 A.D. in a cave in Hira.  And this revelation repeats the Bible.  Well, come on, it can’t be the same angel.   We’re going to talk about that.

So the Qur’an is a primary source but it’s not the only source, because there are so many contradictions in the Qur’an because they’re abrogation’s.  They’re the early verses, the latter verses of Medina, so because there’s so many contradictions we have to go to a secondary source which is called the Sunnah.  By the way, you see a website on the screen for Qur’an, if you do happen to want to study the Qur’an for apologetics purposes, not for believing it, then go to Qur’an.com, it’s an online source you can use, because it is a source that Muslims use to authenticate because they have about five translations of the Qur’an from Arabic to English so that you don’t get this argument, oh, you don’t speak Arabic, you don’t know what it says, you’re misrepresenting it.  This is a source that Muslims must use because the majority of the world’s Muslim population are not Arabs and don’t speak Arabic but their god expects them to pray in Arabic.  Keep that in the back of your mind.

That was one thing that weighed on me when I was a Muslim.  If this is God why does He only understand one language?  I’m not kidding, I’m born in Iran, I speak Farsi, I don’t speak Arabic, I’m not an Arab. We are not descendants of Ishmael.  Trace the lineage back to Elam, right?  Persia, Elam before that.  I’m not an Arab, I don’t speak Arabic.  Why can’t God understand me?  Allah!  This is a common challenge for many Muslims in other countries who don’t speak Arabic.  So think about that.

Now, that site is there, I also have a friend of mine who saw [can’t understand several words]  who wrote a Qur’an, he translated this, he didn’t write it, he translated this from Arabic to English, I trust his translation.  I don’t carry these but these are available on his website, I think it’s  The Straight Way.org.  And so if you want a physical copy please don’t go to Barnes and Noble, or Amazon and buy one, you will be buying a whitewashed version.  You want to buy one get an accurate one if you want to study it for apologetic purposes.

Number 2, here’s the Sunnah.  The Sunnah basically means the practice of Mohammed.  There are two primary sources the Hadith and the Sera.  The Hadith means the traditions of Mohammed, the Sera is the biography of Mohammed.   Now, look at the numbers on the screen, 60% of all the Islamic text is the Hadith; 26% of all those the Islamic text is the Sera.  Do the math, 86%, what does that mean?  86% of all Islamic text is about Mohammed.  Only 14% of Islamic text is about their god.  Doesn’t that seem weird?  Why is it all about Mohammed and not about Allah?  Because Mohammed is the only one who got revelation, there’s no other eyewitness, and he’s the only one who got revelation of the abrogation.   1312 to 13 years he spends in Mecca, goes to Novena and claims the verse is changed.  Wasn’t that convenient that there’s nobody else to substantiate these claims, yet the Bible uses forty witnesses to give revelation.  God uses forty witnesses to bring revelation; the Qur’an uses one, and 1.7 billion people claim that it is a divine book.

Number 3 source, Sharia, you’ve heard of Sharia.  Now Sharia is a hot topic today because Muslim apologists will say oh, Sharia is so misunderstood, you guys are blowing it out of proportion, it’s the big boogey man.  The word Sharia very simply means a sacred path, it’s a sacred law or sacred path of their god.  And there are presentations that I have that talk about the aspect of Sharia law, what it is.  I have a new presentation that we did since last time I was here called Islam’s Assault On The U. S. Constitution, A Legal Look at Why Islamic Law Is Antithetical To Our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And I go to twelve different areas and look at a legal case.  I look at what’s going on in Europe.  But the concept that we have to understand is that Sharia is basically the overarching aspect of everything that Allah teaches.  And within Sharia there’s no separation, meaning there’s no separation of government verse the mosque; it’s all one.

So there’s a booklet that I use called The Reliance of the Traveler.  This a classic manual of Islamic sacred law.  It is THE go to authority on Sharia law.  And so this booklet has been authenticated, it is a compilation of about a thousand years of case law, rulings from different Islamic scholars, including the top Islamic schools in the world, AlAzhar  University in Cairo, Egypt, The Islamic Institute of Thought, [can’t understand word].  Now it is a Sunni Muslim source, meaning that it is representing about 83% of the Muslim population of the world.  83%, approximately of Muslims in the world are Sunni Muslims.  Sunni, the word Sunni comes from Sunnah, about 13-14% are  Shia, that’s where I came from, Iran, and there’s a couple of cults, one’s called Sufism .  There are Muslims in America that claim to be the peaceful Muslims; they are referred to as the [ach may de uh] Muslims but within mainstream Islam they are a cult because they deny abrogation, they deny aspects of the return of the prophet, the [can’t understand word].

I’m going to be citing from the Reliance Traveler today because when we cite from The Reliance of the Traveler it’s not my opinion or your opinion, it is the Islamic case law.   So by the time we cite all three sources there is no argument.  If anybody wants to refute they only get refuted based on an emotional argument.  Even when I bring this to Islamic apologists they want to Americans and say Islamic is peaceful, and tolerant and all this stuff, and misrepresent what really Islam is AND the fact that Islam is to be dominant, supreme.  By the time we get through all this there’s no arguing based on fact; it’s now an emotional argument.   You’re a hater, you’re a bigot, you’re a Islamaphobe.  This year, by the way, I got a new title, I was called a white supremacist.  So I thought that one was an interesting one.

Okay, interfaith dialogue—what is interfaith dialogue. We’re going to dig into this but I want to bring two verses of warning from the Bible before we get into this that I believe are very, very relevant today.  2 Peter 2:1-3, “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly” notice the word “secretly” because if it wasn’t secret it would be obvious, that’s why we need to expose it.  Right.  If it wasn’t secret you wouldn’t need to expose it.  Does that make sense?  “…secretly introduce destructive heresies,” and some of these heresies it goes on to say will “even denying the Master who bought them,” some of these heresies are going to be at the level where they’re going to actually, when you see it on its face (if you have eyes to see) they’re actually denying Christ.  And I’m putting before you today that I’m going to present to you what is that such a heresy.

It goes on to say “bringing swift destruction upon themselves. [2] Many will follow their sensuality,” what does that mean?  The flesh, without following the Spirit we’re following the flesh, there in crux is the social gospel today.  Churches that are integrated with a social gospel, every­thing is about emotions and feelings, we don’t want to offend anybody, we don’t want to hurt anybody, we don’t want to be controversial, we don’t want to rock the boat.  Meanwhile the world is closing in on us and the target is us Christians and we’re not recognizing that and we don’t want to offend.  We forgot the gospel is a rock of offense.

So they’ll follow the sensuality, and because of them, because of THEM the way of the truth will be maligned.  Here’s my question to you as believers today in 2018, in these last days.  Are you ready to be maligned for standing for the truth?  If you’re not my encouragement is, my exhortation is go before the Lord, lay it all down and ask the Lord to help you count the costs because these are the days that are before us.  We must be ready to stand for the truth no matter what!  And as such be maligned… and as such you will be maligned by other Christians.  In fact, my greatest opposition right now is coming from the so-called Christian community.  I’m going to be speaking in Minnesota for the fourth time in eight months and the ELCA which is the liberal wing of the Lutheran church is planning a protest with the Muslim Brotherhood there  against me.  This is what we begin to see and you know what?  So be it!  So bet it!!! As long as there’s an open door, as long as there’s an open door my God is bigger than anything they can bring.  [clapping and a couple of Amen’s]

1 Timothy 4:1-2, “But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, [2] by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron [and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned;]”   Folks, I believe that we are in the last days, we are waiting upon the return of the Lord any hour, and we are seeing the forces come together and I strongly believe and I think you guys have now got a chance (can I plug this for a second Dr. Woods) you guys have now got a chance to get Dr. Woods book, The Middle East Meltdown.  It’s very, very good, I just started reading it and so far it’s been amazing.  But Islam is going to play a role… a role, we can debate about how much of a role but it is playing a role in these last days in preparation for the coming of the antichrist.

Now, I want to get into some nitty-gritty now as we’ve laid the foundation.  What is this interfaith movement?  What is interfaith, what isn’t interfaith?  Here’s what’s not interfaith.  Interfaith is not, I’m going to go talk to a Muslim that doesn’t know Christ; that’s not interfaith, that’s just sharing the gospel.  Interfaith is not I’m going to invite a Muslim to church so that they can hear Pastor Woods preach the gospel.  That’s not interfaith.  Right… that’s NOT interfaith!  That’s us seeking the Lord and how to be able to reach those who are lost.  You’re going to see very clearly interfaith is entering into a spiritual enterprise.  It is entering into a spiritual agreement… SPIRITUAL agreement that is heretical.   And I’m going to lay out for you what it is.

There are four false claims of the interfaith ecumenical movement; in the presentation today we’ll hit some of them, the DVD (as I said) covers more of it, if you’re able to get a copy of that we encourage… by the way, we’ll be making those also available from our website from [can’t understand word], which as an online way you can download them for a lesser cost I think and we’re going to be introducing that here in a minute.

So number 1 claim of the interfaith movement, and this is really the foundation, is the fact that Christianity and Islam have a common word.  The idea is that both the Bible and the Qur’an are both divine sources.  Now what if I were to tell you this morning that both can’t be divine?  If I was to prove to you that the two sources refute each other would you agree they both can’t be divine?  Okay.  But that’s the claim.

Let’s go to number two, claim that Jehovah and Allah are the same God.  Okay.  By the way, in the Chrislam DVD, this blue one, we blow that one out of the water because we show you who Allah was before Islam came into existence.  We show you who Allah was, how Allah was being worshipped in Mecca as a pagan god—very important to understand.

Number three, this their newer ones now; they claim that Islam is an Abrahamic faith along with Judaism and Christianity.  And number four, the brand new one that is now catching wind is Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah.  So therefore you see they can  find Jesus from their way.  Dear God help us!!!!  This is why I covered, remember in the earlier session, those of you who were here, this is the concept almost of going down the road of the Messianic Muslim, where they don’t even need to become a Christian any more.

So go back to the common word now, this is really the crux of it, where does the concept of this common word strategy come from?  Would you be surprised that it actually comes from the Qur’an?  The Qur’an is strategy for Muslims.  Hey Muslim, we want you to go to Christians and share with them that we have a common word.  You go there you go Pastor Hadian, we’re good to go, we have a common word, let’s just go home.  Well hold on, let’s read the whole verse because here’s what it says: “Oh people of the Book” by the way, whenever the Qur’an is “Oh people of the Book” that means Jews and Christians, those are the “people of the Book.”  Oh people of the Scriptures because Muslims are taught that according to Mohammed, according to the one who got the revelation that Allah gave revelation to the Jews, the Jews corrupted it, those pesky Jews!  Abraham was a Muslim, Noah was a Muslim, David was  Muslim, the prophets were all Muslims.

Then Allah brings revelation through Jesus, the prophet, to the Christian but those pesky Christians they corrupt it too darn it!  We messed it up by putting things in there like Jesus was God, the Son of God was crucified and resurrected.   You know, we messed it up with those pesky details.  Of course you guys know I’m being facetious, right?  I just want to make sure no one takes me seriously as I’m seeing people look at me like where is he going with this.  So now Allah has to send a final messenger 600 years later in Mohammed to come and correct everybody.  So hey Muslims, go to the Christians and tell them we have a common word.  If we have a common word then they should both be matching up, shouldn’t they?

Well let’s read the rest of the verse, “that we worship none but Allah and that we associate no partners with them and that none of will take others Lord besides Allah.”   [Verse (3:64 – The Quranic Arabic Corpus – Translation.  corpus.quran.com/translation.jsp?chapter=3&verse=64]

Hold on, what are they saying?  Who wants to take a guess?   What are they refuting?  The Father/Son, the Trinity!  Remember, Mohammed claims Allah told him to destroy polytheism, create a monotheistic system in Islam and the worst polytheists are those Christians because they believe in three gods so we’ve got to go and correct that.  But wait a second, if you’re going to them with the strategy of common word how come  you’re seeking correction?  Isn’t common word meaning we have so much in common, let’s get along?  And are the Muslims in interfaith dialogue telling the Christians, by the way, we’re here to correct you?

So who’s being duked?  Let’s be honest, we are the fools.  So what happens is using this strategy they’re reaching out because they believe as Christians we have taken Jesus as Lord, we don’t want to say He’s our Lord and Savior, and that we associate a partner meaning God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  How can both sources be divine if one source is… by the way, is the Trinity kind of an important part of our faith?  So how can both sources be divine if one source is denying the other source.

So here’s my supposition; both sources can’t be divine.  If one source is refuting the key tenants of the other source, and I would argue back and forth, that goes both ways, then they both can’t be divine.  Right?  How many of you believe the Bible is from heaven?  Hold on, let me try that again.  How many of you believe the Bible is from heaven, amen, right?  The Bible is the divine authoritative Word of God given through the Holy Spirit by revelation, right, from heaven.  In fact.  Jesus… when Christians tell me that they can pick and choose, you know, those red letter Christians, they pick and choose, they go you know, Jesus is the Word, we’re supposed to love the Word, all of the Word.  You only like part of Jesus?  Sometimes my wife says you know, honey, I like this part of  you.  Does that mean you don’t like this other part of me?  [laughter]  I’m not quite sure how to take that.

We love Jesus, we love Him as the Word.  So both sources can’t be divine.  So here’s my first sixty-four million dollar question of the day: if we believe that the Bible is from heaven and is [can’t understand word] Word of God, and the Bible refutes Islam and Islam refutes Christianity, that means that the Quran must be from… come on… from hell, from Satan.  So Surah 364 is actually satanic strategy to refute Christianity and Judaism.  It’s satanic strategy given to Islam, given to Muslims… now does every Muslim know this?  Of course not!  But it’s given as a strategy in the Quran as an in door, as a way into the Christian community, hey, come, let’s sit down and have a baklava and have a common word dialogue; by the way, you Christians, a couple of minor things we’ve got to correct you on.

And then when we’re done correcting you you have no faith left.   And this is backed up in The Reliance of the Traveler, Section W-4 speaks to this issue of the finality of Islam, the finality of the prophet’s message.  Here’s what it says: “Previously revealed religions are valid in their own era as is attested to by many verses of the Holy Qur’an but were abrogated by the universal message of Islam.”  What does abrogated mean?  It is now changed, it’s done away with.  That means the latter message supersedes the earlier message.  Remember, as I said, Allah gave revelation to the Jews, they screw it up, supposedly the revelation to Christians, we screw it up, He’s got to send a final messenger to get it all correct, as is attested by many verses of the Qur’an.

Now here’s what it says: “If you hold a belief” here’s the belief, “that” well, let me read it as it says, “It is unbelief,”  “It is unbelief,” the word there is [sounds like koo-fra] is a term for the infidel, you know we hear the word infidel, the word “infidel” is not in the Qur’an by the way, it’s [same word] which means filth, that’s what the direct Arabic translation of that word is for the unbeliever in Islam, “filth.”  So it is [same word] to hold that the remnant cults now bearing the names of formerly valid religions, such as Christianity or Judaism, are acceptable to Allah. So if you say, as a Muslim (or as a non-Muslim) that Christianity and Judaism are equal to Islam you are [same word] you’re filth.

It is unacceptable.  Why?  Because Islam is the final message.  So what happened to common word, what happened to common ground?  Or could it be that we are the ones who are being duked to open the doors of our churches and let wolves in among the sheep.  Remember Acts 20, it speaks of they will come from within in the last days to deceive.  So there’s no doubt that the totality of Islam is consistent in the Qur’an, it is consistent in the Sunna and the Sharia Law backs it up.  Islam’s claim is it is the final message, everything else has been abrogated and Judaism and Christianity are cults.

Is that message being propagated when they have these beautiful interfaith events?  No!  So when the ELCA church [Evangelical Lutheran Church in America] is boycotting me with the Muslims, telling me that Muslims are our brothers and sisters, here’s the question I have to ask: Are those churches any more?  Is that a fair question.  Are those churches?  Are they pastors?  The fruit stinks!  Right.  Test the Spirit, judge the fruit, it stinks, so let’s move on.

Now watch this: this common word strategy led to a document written by Muslims, 103 Islamic Scholars write this document, called A Common Word Between Us and You.  I wonder where they got that title from; it’s called A Common Word Between Us and  You.  It’s exactly from the Qur’an, Sera 364.  Again, in the Chrislam I talk about the common word “more” in detail as far as the Christian side of it.  The Muslim start this process, they write it to the Christians saying we have a common love of God, a common love on neighbors, we have a common knowledge of God and by the way,  you want to reconcile our differences, a couple of minor things you owe us an apology for the war on terror and the crusades, other than that we’re good to go, we can live in peace, and respond.

In 2008 at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture the common word document, which is called    A Christians Response to a Common Word Between Us and You, some call it the Yale Document, Tony Blair wrote the Forward, a known globalist, one-world religion promoter, [can’t understand word] and they respond back and they say yes, we agree, we can reconcile, we have a common love of God, common love of neighbor, we have a common Word, and oh by the way, we ask the all Merciful One for forgiveness, not a term you’ll find anywhere in the Bible, that describes God from the Bible but it is in the Qur’an.  At the time over 500 Christian leaders sign it, [can’t understand words] this is just kind of an overview because again it’s in the Chrislam DVD but pastors like Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Robert Sculler, John Stott, Leif Anderson who’s the President of the NAE, National Association of Evangelicals, that group is also the number one proponent of open refugee resettlement, bring them all in, open migration, open borders, world relief is a part of NAE.  The4 Fuller Theological Seminary leader signed it and pretty well every emergent church leader, including even the likes of Jim Wallace and others signed this document attesting that we have a common word.

Now, here’s what the Lord led me to do, because I’ve talked about the Christian signatories; recently the Lord put on my heart go look at the first document; who signed the initial Muslim document?  So I went back and looked at the 2006/07 letter and as I began to study the signatories, the 138 signatories, a common theme kept coming up.  Not only is this a satanic strategy over a third, at least, of the signatories were members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I thought that can’t be a coincidence!  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf [can’t understand words] remember the ground zero mosque?  He wanted to build a ground zero mosque, remember the Muslim Brotherhood, he signed this document.  [Sounds like: Yahadda  what, who’s Yahadda what?]  The head of CAIR, The Council on American Islamic Relations, by the way, there’s a little booklet that I have back there, you got to get this and get it to elected officials, law enforcement, it’s called The Explanatory Memorandum, it is the blueprint of the Muslim Brotherhood for their strategy according to their words to sabotage, let me read this very quickly here, here’s their mission statement, very innocuous, I’m being facetious.    “The Protestant Settlement” this is in America, “is a civilization Jihadist process with all the word means.  The [can’t understand word] of the Muslim Brotherhood must understands that their work in America kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within and” quote, “sabotaging its miserable house,” that’s America they’re talking about, “by their hands,” who’s that?  Us!  “and the hands of the believers” Muslims, “so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

But that doesn’t sound supremacist at all, right?  Last year when Brandon and I were in Sioux Falls, when we had that Muslim man threaten our conference with 1200 rounds of ammo and five weapons, we found out that the local mosque that was protesting us was owned by the North American Islamic Trust which is a Muslim Brotherhood entity.  By the way, this document was discovered by the FBI [can’t understand words] evidence the largest terror [can’t understand word] American history and then [can’t understand word] by the Obama administration.  By the way, under.. under FBI director Robert Mueller.  When Holder came in the justice department to shut down this trial, buried the evidence and purged this document from national counter terrorism [can’t understand word].

I do law enforcement [can’t understand word] for counter terrorism for folks, I just did one in Idaho a few months back for a Secret Service DOD FBI Homeland [can’t understand word] never heard of this document.  This is the blueprint of  the Muslim Brotherhood.  The largest Islamic Supremacy organization; the whole reason it was revived in 19?8 by Hassam Obama after the fall of the Ottoman Empire was to revive the Islamic caliphate.  It’s a revivalist movement.  We had this, we had the blueprint, we had the play book, AND it goes further, it gives you the front groups. We discovered who all those front groups were; they were about to be until Obama came into office.  So CARE is one of the front groups; [can’t understand words] those signs we are talking about, I’ll show you in a minute, these are all direct front groups, North American Islamic Trust owns the deeds to over 70% of the mosques in America.  Why would [can’t understand words] sign the document when their mission statement said they want to eliminate sabotage our miserable house eliminated and establish Allah’s religion, meaning Islam as the final religion, unless it’s strategy.   Sheikh Selim Falad, director general of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, Ingrid Mattson, former President of ISNA; ISNA is a direct front group on the list here on page 32, the very first group, ISNA, Islamic Society of North America, the M. S.[small blank spot in tape] business association, it gives you their front group.  Why would they sign it?

Professor E. Sun [sounds like: Nuglu], Secretary General of the O.I.C.   What’s the O.I.C.? The  largest voting bloc in the U.N.  The most anti-Semitic body in the U.N.  Where do you think the term Islamophobia came from?   56 member nations throw in towels trying to get 57 and I always have to say this just for fun… just for fun, come on, give me a little bit of fun.  In 2008 when Obama was running for office, remember he had that little slipup, 57 states, remember that?  We have 57 states… no we don’t, we have 50 states.  Where did he get that number 57 from?  [someone in audience says something, can’t hear] Just food for thought, why would they sign it?  Why would the most anti-Semitic body in the world sign a document to Christians and Jews saying we have a common word with you?   [says several words I can’t understand]  Secretary General King  Faisal for the Saudi government, why would the Saudi government sign a document?  The Saudi government that does not allow one Christian church, one Jewish synagogue to be in existence, why would they sign a document saying we have a common word?

Sheikh [can’t understand words] who is Sheikh [same words]?  The guy that put this book together.  Why would the guy that put this book together that in section W that I just read to you said Islam is the final religion, Judaism and Christianity are cults and have been abrogated, why would he sign a document saying we have a common word.  And why, WHY did the likes of Rick Warren and others not have discernment for [can’t understand words]?

I’ll walk around for a second and get my blood pressure down… okay!  [Laughter]  Sheik Ahamad Mohammed El Kayem, who is he?  Alazar University, former Grand[can’t understand word] of Jerusalem, Alazar University certified this book as orthodox Islamic teaching.  Why would they sign it.  And by the way, numerous representatives Surea based governments, like Iran and Pakistan, Saudi, Yemen, all countries by the way, according to Open Doors USA, that are the worst persecutors of Christians in the world today, 215,000,000 Christians are under Islamic persecution as we speak.  And in America the [can’t understand word] from the left, there were just a few  [can’t understand word] that just came out, just last week that Democrats, women, and  young people are now majority believing the narrative that Muslims are more mistreated in America than Christians are mistreated around the world, because that’s a narrative of care, that’s the narrative of the Brotherhood, make themselves victims, play the victim card.

And yet we have, according to [can’t understand word] global studied on Christianity, 90,000 Christians being martyred per year for their faith in the last twelve years, average per year around the world.

Okay, all of that led to interfaith Sunday.  We saw a launch of interfaith Sundays in 2011, and many churches decided to open their doors and have these interface events using the common word concept.  We’re going to teach on Mohammed, we’re going to put Korans in the pews next to Bibles.  Of course one of the things we didn’t see, interestingly enough, was we didn’t see any mosques do the same thing.  So if it’s supposed to be a reciprocal “let’s have common word” so hey, you churches, open the door, invite a Muslim scholar to come and teach in the pulpit, which is what happened here in Tacoma, Washington, when this pastor, Dean Curry, allowed the Ayatollah… Ayatollah for Iran, Imam Hussabi, to come into a church, three services, satellite campuses, six and a half thousand people watching, and talks about Jesus, how Islam esteems Jesus.  And look at some of the hashtags:  Amazing to hear Imam Hussabi speak today about Jesus.  What does that say?  Hashtag Common Ground.  Oh really?  By the way 9:45, you guys remember I played that video, the Common Path video, I found out from people who went to this church that Pastor Curry has been promoting that Common Path.  He showed that video to his staff.  This is an emergent church.

What an amazing day for Jesus hashtag unity.  Is it an amazing day for Jesus?  Is it an amazing day for Jesus for His bride to be deceived, for His sheep to be deceived.  And so you see, here is the conundrum; we couldn’t identify one mosque that opened their doors and put Bibles next to the Quran, allowed a Christian pastor to come I.  I’ve said this time and time again, I don’t mean it as a joke, I’ll take the invitation, I’ll go into the mosque and preach the gospel.  I may not come back out but I’ll go.  But they won’t open the door! We’re the ones that are opening the door, we’re the ones that are being bamboozled.  Okay.

It gets worse; now we start seeing these interface events.  So what’s on the screen here is something that happened in Washington State, Mount Vernon, Washington, Salem Lutheran Church, what did they do? Well, they’re going to have a… see the title here?  In a love and a time of fear, it’s always about fear, right, it’s always about the same thing.  We’re love, you’re fear mongering.  We’re loving, you’re a bigot, you know, that kind of thing.  Okay, recognizing our Muslims as neighbors, now watch this, part of the statement, this church… the reason I now this is because the gal that was part of that church that sent me this and then came out of that church, thank God.  Praise God there were some in this church that were awake and realized this is deception, our church has gone off the deep end.

Watch this: okay, it depends on what their goals are; we’re going to resist in ourselves and society exclusionist ideology that contributes to the divinization of and violence towards others.  I thought wait a second, isn’t the gospel an exclusionary ideology?  Yes or no?  We believe that Jesus Christ is the only path of salvation!  If you don’t believe that it’s fine, just don’t call yourself a Christian.  I don’t have a problem, we’re in America, you have the right of freedom of your conscience and speech; don’t believe it, that’s fine, just don’t sully the name of Jesus Christ by saying I’m a grace follower and then denying that He’s the only  way.   So we’re going to resist exclusionary ideologies?  So they invite an Islamic, someone that’s not a scholar to come and take about Islam.  And they invite this [can’t understand words] look at this, she’s a married mother of two wonderful daughters, a proud American Muslim, a U.S. citizen, a registered voter, and a firm believer in the promise of America, inspired by Islamic teachings of serving God by serving humanity.  She has been an active volunteer for Care Washington.  What?  They’re openly bringing Care into the church?  They’re openly bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into a church????  Yup! They’re not even hiding it any more.  Ten years ago, eight years ago CARE would hide.  They would never say they were CARE, they’re now openly saying it.  And look at this slide, they want these Christians to learn about the Islamophobia network, a report called Fear Inc. at Islamophobia, by the way, remember I said earlier our ministry is on that report.  We’re one of 41 ministries that on CARE’s list of Islamophobia Network.

Oh, by the way, also join against Islamophobia, check out the southern poverty law center’s guide to anti-Muslim extremism.  So let’s join forces with the SPLC.  We’re on that list as well.  We’re on both those lists; we got added to that list in the past  year, the hate [can’t understand word] list that CNN published.

So you have a Lutheran Church, ELCA, by the way, when this event was going on the Lord, this is how amazing God is, at the same time, within a day I was in Arlington Washington, which is just about half an hour away from this church, at a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church that is solid in the Word of God, giving this presentation to combat this nonsense.  That’s how God works, because some are awake.  There is a remnant.  But do you understand the ramifications?  It’s not just a spiritual ramification.  The Muslim Brotherhood, which has a strategy to destroy America, is using liberal, lukewarm, uneducated, compromised Christians to turn and report us.  Do you  understand what they’re doing?  They’re training them as to how to identify and report Islama­phobes.  This is 1930 Germany all over again, the difference is this time you and I as Christians are the number one target.  And they’re using the church, the Christian, to turn on Christian.

So again, no discernment?  Now you think, Shahram, that’s an isolated case, one church… one church!  Nope, it went over so well they decided to do what’s called a road show, safe over fear, standing with our Muslim neighbors road show, from October to November of last year up and down Washington State, Longview, Washington, Tacoma, Washington, Seattle, Everett, Lynwood, Olympia, if you don’t know Washington that’s from the southern border all the way up to the Canadian border, all the way up to Bellingham, Mount Vernon, at Lutheran Churches, Episcopal this, Edmonds Lutheran, Trinity Lutheran, Andrews Episcopal, St. Mark’s Lutheran, Stevens Episcopal and of course that’s not even including the Catholic Churches.  Same MO, same speaker, [gives name, can’t understand] bring an Islamic cleric in and the event is always open by an interfaith pastor who gives a… you know, blessed invocation to Allah.

Now, then we find out they’re ramping it up because they’re going political.  So remember I said that they’re promoting that the SPLC which apparently I just found out that You Tube, we may need to get ready, Dr. Woods, because some of our stuff on You Tube may be taken down soon, because You Tube is now asked the SPLC to come and do auditing for them.

Facilitator Alexander  Bouton, this is in Redmond, Washington, I was a police officer in Redmond, Washington where Microsoft is big.  This is January, they had Hamas linked care and the SPLC team up with Christian and Jewish groups to fight anti-Muslim bigotry.  So now we have the Muslim Brotherhood joining forces with… we know they’re already joining forces with Black Lives Matter, now they’re joining forces with the SPLC, with Antifa, because when I got protested in St. Cloud, Minnesota back in September we had BLM Antifa, the Muslim Brother­hood and interfaith groups all working together to protest my event.  But now they’re bringing the SPLC and they’re bringing interfaith leaders, giving the cover of what well look, [can’t understand word]  Christians and [same word] Jews are with us, don’t listen to those bigoted Christians; do you understand that’s you and I?  And I have so many more headlines I can give but I just want to show you this is happening in real time.  Just a few weeks ago, all the pieces are coming together of this puzzle.  That’s why I said to you earlier, are you ready to be maligned for the sake of truth?  We’ve got to gear up at the church.

Of course, we see  efforts, as Dr. Woods already pointed out on his show, he did a great teaching on his podcast of Fifteen Reasons why Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship the Same God, I highly recommend you listen to that.  But here’s one of the things he talked about, this billboard here in Texas… this is in TEXAS, one family, one message, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.  Remember according to Islam they were all Muslims.  One message, what’s that message?  Islam!  What happened to interfaith… is this billboard interfaith?  It really isn’t, is it?  It’s really saying what the reliance says, Islam is the final message, you Christians just don’t know it yet.  You Jews just don’t know it yet but Islam is the final message, as a matter of fact. So this billboard actually tells me that they’re getting more aggressive in their messaging.  They’re using the cause of interfaith basically to say we are the final message and when you see on the corner here ICNA, paid for by ICNA, Islamic Circle of North America, that’s Muslim Brotherhood.

So what I’m trying to show you is SIRA 364 is isn’t just satanic strategy, it is Muslim Brother­hood strategy.  And what’s the strategy?  Infiltrate the churches, bring the churches down, confuse, confound and destroy the churches.  When we do that we have the nation, just like the Communists, destroy the family, destroy the church, you’ve got the nation, and get the young people, which we see happening in our public schools.  The promotion of Islam now.  I was talking to someone in the hallway, I just did a bunch of radio shows on our website, if you go to So Project.com one of the [can’t understand word] we have for you is our free radio show, we podcast them and if you go to Media, the first one down, it says Truth in Love, I just did some shows on the ongoing Islamization of our Schools.  For eighty years the schools have not been able to teach God as Creator, only evolution, evolution, evolution, evolution, evolution, evolution.  We’re now seeing evidence, we highlighted a case out of New Jersey, seventh grade, they’re showing a video and the video is this video with Arabic music on it, very mesmerizing,  until you know what the song is; it’s a poem written about how Mohammed conquered the infidel.  How many seventh graders are listening to that in their seventh-grade class know what the song is?

Let me say it this way; this is seditious of the highest order.  This is both spiritual and national security treason.  But until the church awakes to it, until we rise up and say enough is enough it won’t change.  We’re going to keep being turned over.  And this is the judgment of God upon a nation that has forsaken Him.  And so here’s what the video says at the very beginning, it says, through the Arabic music Allah is the creator of the heavens and the earth.  I thought time out, hold on, I thought we can’t teach creationism in school.  But apparently it’s okay if Allah is the creator, [can’t understand words]

Moving on, it would be great if I could say to you, folks look, this is just the liberal churches, this is just happening in the mainline denominational liberal churches, the Catholic Church, it’s just that, it’s not affecting biblically conservative churches, right?  WRONG, because this year [can’t understand name] and I and Dr. Woods, we covered this story, sad story, where we had apologist, James White, Dr. James White whose often elder in his church, he has for years done debates with Muslims.  Why all of a sudden a strategy change?  I’m not quite sure, but he decides no more debating, we’re going to go to dialogue, which is why this is called Beyond Debate., a friendly dialogue we think Christians are Muslims.  So he decides to invite Shite Dr. Yasser [can’t understand last name] to a church outside, south of Memphis, back in, I think it was February of 2017, maybe January, for an interfaith dialogue.

Don’t take my word for it, go to Youtube, you can watch the whole video if you just type in Beyond Debate or James White, or Yasir Qadhi with a Q you’ll see that it’s there.  [Beyond Debate: A Friendly Dialogue Between Christians & Muslims, Dr. Yasir Qadhi & Dr. James White have a friendly debate ]

Now, the premise is they agree ahead of time, while we agree there are some differences that we have “some” differences, the point is really for our similarities, and here we go: the similarities are that I want you to, he says in the thing, I want you to listen to Dr. Qadhi.  Dr. Qadhi is my mentor when it comes to the teaching of the Hadith.  Dr. Qadhi is a kindred spirit [can’t understand word] at one point.  I want you to listen to him.  In fact, Dr. Qadhi said at one point you should make a video for Christians.  Well, when he came out with this story to try to show that Dr. White, this is erroneous, this is unbiblical, we’ve got to stop this. You are a key figure in the… James White]is in the Reformed theology which I am not, we’re not Reformed theology but would you agree, Dr. Edwards he’s well respected.  So this was really, really troubling because if he’s okayed this it’s going to become normative in the biblically conservative churches.  So we came out with it and instead of having any humility we got attacked and attacked and attacked.   We started seeing jihadists from around the world commenting on Facebook and You Tube, attacking us, defending James White.  Well, that’s kind of weird.  Why would the Muslims be defending him, unless we understand satanic strategy, infiltrates, using what?  Common word, interfaith.

So we also started getting calls from folks in Counter Terrorism, National Security.  I got a call from a retired FBI agent in Tennessee, a call from a detective, a retired detective in Memphis, a call from an ex FBI agent in Oregon, saying listen, you guys know who Yasser Gotti is, now Brandon House knew who Yasser Gotti was, I didn’t because Brandon is based out of Memphis.  So we did some digging, we found out wow, Gotti spoke at a CARE event last year, he spoke at an Islam event, he spoke at an [can’t understand word, sounds like ik-nah] event, He brought Sirraj Wahhaj to speak at an Islamic school in Memphis, Sirraj Wahhaj is an unindicted coconspirator in the 1993 World Trade Bombing.  This guy is connected to all these jihad’s, in fact, he did a teaching on how within Jihad it’s permissible to take the property of Jews and Christians.  Why is this guy being allowed in?

And then we dug further and found out he’s connected Linda Sarsour who organized the woman’s march after President Trump’s inauguration.  Linda Sarsour who is a pro Palestine anti-Semitic, how can I say it, she’s just a miserable human being; if you look at her you just see misery, you see evil.  I don’t know how else to say it, evil is written all over her.  So Yasser Gotti defended her, [can’t understand word] and activists of the highest caliber, eloquent, brave, fearless, on and on and on.  This was after the woman’s march, I March With Linda its hashtag, defending her.  Well, she gives kudo’s back, you should all be proud of these brothers and they all love, protect Imam Omar Silliman, Sheikh Yassar Cotti, and Saras Burricot.  By the way, Linda Sarsour, [can’t understand word] Oman [can’t understand word] just got arrested outside Paul Ryan’s office along with two different of the refugee resettlement agency, for what? One of them was of the Hebrew immigration was one of them, I can’t remember the other one right now.  They were standing there in support of the Doca [can’t understand word], supporting the Doca, the illegals, calling for amnesty for them, and they got arrested so they’re joining forces so they were there with the interfaith [can’t understand word].

But what we saw was that if Gotti is connected to the upper echelon of the Brotherhood could he be Muslim brotherhood?   Well we saw this, this is, last June [can’t understand word], in Illinois.  Here’s when the [can’t understand word], here’s [can’t understand word], the head of care, here is Yassar Cotti.  What on earth, this means that Yassar Cotti is a primary member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He’s a level one Muslim brotherhood operative.  That’s what law enforcement was telling us when they called, they said, what is wrong with you Christians, why are you inviting this guy into the church?  Don’t you know that you’re giving him cover?

So here’s my question to you?  Where is discernment?  Why didn’t James White or anybody, or those that are defending James White, why didn’t they have discernment and wisdom to dig and do homework. Dr. White claims he’s been friends with Yassar Cotti for years, claims that Christians should listen to Yassar Cotti, Christians should get his materials and he should make a video.  But remember, here’s the premise: the dialogue… I forgot to mention this, what they agreed to beforehand, and he says it right at the beginning of… if we had time I’d play more of the clip for you, he says it right at the beginning: tonight we’re not about putting aside our differences, tonight we’re looking for similarities so we’re basically not going to refute each other.  So the premise was no matter what is said we’re not going to refute each other.  And when we came out and called them out on this we said you can’t invite this Muslim into a church and say oh, it wasn’t on a Sunday morning, I think it was a Tuesday night.

Let me make a biblical argument for why I believe, and by the way, there’s a four page document that we’ve put together and I know Dr. Woods looked at this as well, this is on our website, A Biblical Response Refuting Interfaith Dialogue Between Christians and Muslims.  This is a document that, if you go to our website under the resource tab, the very first one is Say No to Interfaith, we’re encouraging people to read this, and if  you agree with it, print it out, take it to… if you’re not a part of this church body take it to your pastor, to your elders, respectfully ask them to look at it.  Ask them where do they stand on this issue.  This is not an issue that we can be neutral on.  This is not an issue that we can go oh, we’re not going to really say anything because we have to take a stand.

But what we did was we looked at biblical examples; for example, Ephesians 5, which I don’t think I have on the screen here, but for example, Ephesians 5 talks about that we’re supposed to expose the works of darkness. We’re not supposed to go along with it, we’re supposed to actually expose the works of darkness.  1 Corinthians 10:21 “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.  [22] Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy?”

I said to you earlier that if the Bible is from God that means the Qur’an cannot be from God.  It’s got to be Satanic, there’s no other source for it.  Right?  Or is that a little too much logic.  So therefore we can’t have the table of the Lord, sit at the table of the Lord, the Spirit of God, and sit with this ideology that is not the Spirit of God.   “Or do we provoke the Lord to anger, to jealousy?”  Do we even believe that God gets angry any more.  I saw a video by Robbi Zacharison and R. C. Sproul who were talking about that they talked to emergent church leaders and say things like, you know, no matter what you do God will not be angry with you.

This concept that God doesn’t get angry anymore, or anti-nomianism, the concept that we’re not under law any more.  It doesn’t matter what you do, right, it doesn’t matter what you do grace wins. You mean we’re not under the moral law?  I’m sorry, did God abolish the Ten Commandments?  Did I miss that somewhere?  “Thou shalt not murder,” kill, well, “murder, lie, covet, cheat, honor your father and mother,” have those been done away with?  Are we under a still a moral law, not a ceremonial law, that was fulfilled, morally.

Okay, let’s move on, how about this one, 2 Corinthians 6:14, “Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?”  Now I want to play a quick video here for you of Dr. MacArthur who taught on 2 Corinthians 6:14.  He says it better than I ever could of why getting engaged with the spiritual enterprise is in error.  Watch this very quick.  [cannot hear video]

Why don’t we invite them to a church?  Why do we say we have a lot in common?  Why do we say Christians listen to this man who is an Islamic scholar?  How can we be doing this?   Now I’m going to play in a minute, not yet, as we move forward I’m going to play another clip for you from that dialogue and you’ll see the deception but I want to point out another Scripture.  This is a very, very important Scripture because now it’s not only erroneous that we’re having interfaith dialogue because we’ve seen interfaith dialogue reaching Christians and Catholics Christians and Mormons, it’s error but with Islam it takes a lower level because the Bible warns us about an antichrist spirit.  The references again in 1 John 2, 1 John 4, 2 John 7-11, the only places in the Bible, four verses, five references to the word “antichrist.”  Now there’s obviously other references to THE antichrist, but that’s where the term is  used.

Here is 2 John 7-11, very powerful.  “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh.”  So If you deny Jesus Christ has come in the flesh you’re what?  A deceiver, not deceived, notice it doesn’t say deceived, a “deceiver.”  “This is the deceiver and the antichrist. [8] Watch yourselves, that you do not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward. [9] Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son.”  Now here comes the real warning. [10] If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching,” what teaching?  That Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, as God incarnate, right?  Died on the cross, raised from the dead, was buried, raised from the dead, ascended to the Father, He established Himself as the Messiah, as the ONLY path of salvation, as God, and oh by the way, He’s coming back.

If anyone comes to you and doesn’t bring this teaching it says, “do not receive him into your house, Now someone asked me well, does that mean I can’t invite a Muslim into my home?  That’s not what it’s saying. What’s the context?  What was the “house” back then?  The church, the spiritual house.  Right.  They were meeting in homes.  So you don’t invite the spirit into your spiritual house.  “…and do not give him a greeting, [11] for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds.”

I don’t know about you, that verse makes my knees shake.  So we brought this verse to the attention of Dr. James White.  Dr. White, we believe you thoroughly violated, right Dr. Woods, you’ve clearly violated 2 John 7-11, you’ve brought a man who is representing a false religion, a false spirit, into the body of Christ,  you gave him a greeting, when he says he’s a kindred spirit, you welcomed him, you encouraged Christians to go listen to his videos online, learn from him, and he,  you’ll see in a minute, brings a teaching that clearly denies Christ.  So here is the response of Dr. White; he basically wrote a treatise, a paper, right, where he said, “after careful review of 2 John 7-11 I have determined that this verse in context does not apply for today.  It was back then, it doesn’t apply to today.”

You see, because there’s no other way around this verse, right?  There’s no other way you can go around it; I mean, it hits you right between the eyes.  So the only way you can justify it is say it doesn’t apply to me because otherwise it’s clearly been violated.  And again, let’s put James White aside for a second.  Did the Lutheran Churches violate it?  Yes!  Did the Episcopal Churches violate it?  Yes.  Did the Methodist Churches violate it?  Yes.  You brought terror into the church, an Islamic Imam from Iran into the church to deceive people and present a false Jesus.

Let me tell you why I believe it’s false.  It has an antichrist spirit.  Number 1, Islam denies the Trinity, very clearly.  In our Chrislam video we looked through multiple verses that show you Islam denies the Trinity.  What does that mean?  That means [can’t understand word].  Islam denies that Jesus has come in the flesh.  Remember, they don’t believe that God can come into His own creation, that Jesus cannot be God and become flesh.  Now they will say that He was born of a virgin, but simply as a prophet.  Islam denies the crucifixion.  You go what?  This is the shocker for a lot of Christians who don’t know the Qur’an.  Islam denies the crucifixion of Jesus ever happened.

We’re going to look at the verse here in a minute from Surah 4:157, but let me set it up this way:  To refute that Jesus was crucified isn’t just to refute the Bible, it’s to refute secular sources as well.  Josephus backed this up.  Tacitus, Pliny, the Roman Governor, even the Babylonian Talmud, there are multiple extra Biblical sources that validate that there was a man named Jesus of Nazareth that was crucified.  Maybe they don’t believe that He was God.  Six hundred years later, 601 A.D. exactly Mohammed gets a revelation from who?  Well, we know it was Satan, he later claims it was Gabriel, Jabriel, I’ll cover this tomorrow, verses from [can’t understand word] says very clearly he came to me and said I am demon possessed, woe to me, poet or prophet, and he went on a cliff and was about to go kill himself until supposedly Gabriel intervened.

So the angel that shows up to Mary 600 years earlier says Mary, you’re highly favored among women, God is going to breathe upon you, by the Spirit you are going to conceive and bear a Son, His name is Jesus Immanuel, God with us.  He’s going to be the Savior of the world.  The same angel shows up 600 years later and apparently got Alzheimer’s, or amnesia, or something.  Maybe he missed the briefing in heaven, and what happened?  Because he shows up to Mohammed and says this verse—remember, this is supposed to be… the Qur’an is supposed to be recited from heaven word for word for word.  Here’s the verse: “And for their saying” the Jews, it’s talking about the Jews, “indeed we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah, and they did not kill Him nor did they crucify Him but another was made to resemble Him to them and indeed those who differ over it or are in doubt about it, meaning if you deny this you’re in doubt, you’re the one who’s in doubt.  They have no knowledge of it except the following of an assumption and they did not kill Him for certain!

You go… well… then who killed Him?  So the Qur’an tells us Jesus wasn’t crucified, the Sharia Law tells us Jesus wasn’t crucified.  The Sunna tells us Jesus wasn’t crucified.  But you know what?  Don’t take my word for it, why don’t we listen to expert, Dr. Shake Yasercate,  Listen to what James White allowed him to say in his church among Christians and on You Tube.

[sounds like: Yasher caute]  Listen to what James White allowed him to say in a church among Christians and on You Tube.  Let’s see what he says about who Jesus is and what is their definition of who died on the cross?  You ready?

Watch this video:  [can’t hear video] this is really important, we’ve got to get this one.

[Tape ended]

That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah”—but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not—nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.” (Qur’an, 4:157-158, Yusuf Ali)