Masters of Deceit

Masters of Deceit
none • Curtis Bowers • March 13, 2016 • Guest Speaker


Curtis Bowers
Masters of Deceit
Sugar Land Bible Church

Thank you for being here. I thank you for being here; the pastor asked how many had seen the film and it looked like there was a decent number of you so you kind of know the ideas and the philosophies of what I am talking about, what I am trying to expose. In Nehemiah in the Bible, if you haven’t read that book recently I encourage you to; there are tremendous parallels to today. Nehemiah saw and heard from someone the report from Jerusalem that the walls were down and it was just decimated. Well, it’s kind of like what’s happened in our country, the walls are down and they’ve been down for a long time. That’s why evil has been able to come and go as it pleases, there’s no opposition to it.

But when he saw that, when he heard the report from Jerusalem it broke his heart. I hope it breaks your heart what has happened to America. It should! And the neat thing about that story of Nehemiah, he was burdened by that, he prayed and fasted, that God would use him to rebuild those walls. We each individually need to be praying, God, what would You have me to do? He has something for every single one of us, regardless of our age, there’s things we need to be doing to “rebuild the walls” in America. And that’s the only hope for America is us doing that with God’s help.

The neat thing about that story is with great leadership, a vision, a clear vision of what was to be done, the walls that had been down in Jerusalem for 150 years were rebuilt in 52 days. That’s what God can do. We don’t have to do the impossible; we don’t have to save America because we can’t save America, but God can. And when I first started really studying things about ten years ago and I realized the walls were down it broke my heart; I was so concerned for my children. I thought wait a minute, I’ve got to do something, if I don’t stand up they’re going to live in a nightmare. And so that’s kind of how we got into making a film (and we’ve never made a film before) because I felt that’s what God wanted me to do.

This talk is on the purposeful premeditated treason that has been the fruit and the result of what has happened in our country. And it’s a very purposeful plan. When you see that what has happened to America is not an accident, it’s not just the way things go, it is a plan of many different people and groups of the left to dismantle our families, which is God’s institution, dismantle our churches, which is God’s institution, and dismantle the state the way it’s supposed to be, of limited government, which is God’s institution. They take the jurisdiction from the family and church and pile it all on the state to make a powerful centralized government that is always evil.

You study world history the last 6,000 years, there’s not one example of big government that wasn’t abusive over its people. God never meant man to have that kind of power over man. That’s why He set clear jurisdictions over the family, over the church and over the state. And when you obey those you have the most wonderful, blessed, free, godly society you could ever have. And when you disregard those and do what you want to do, man’s way, you have destruction, pain, sorrow, suffering, and confusion. And that’s what we have today.

Now the next slide, as you can see, this is one of the charts from the new film, Masters of Deceit; I know you can’t see all those details but listen to me. I want you to know our enemy has a plan. They have an agenda of exactly what they’re trying to accomplish. And they have a commander in chief that is Satan; that’s why it’s so organized, it’s so coordinated, it’s so consistent. And it always gets it right; it always knows what to attack and what is good and right and true. They never miss a beat on anything, which tells you something’s going on here. I think that’s why people are always looking for the top man—is it the Rockefellers, is it this or… there has to be someone because it’s so organized, there has to be one person leading this. Well there, but it’s Satan.

That’s why generationally, different countries, it’s all marching to the same drumbeat of total destruction of God’s way of doing things and it’s consistent in that. And their dedication is satanic; it is mindboggling how you would work your whole life to destroy the very country your own grandchildren are going to grow up in. It’s unbelievable. But they are spiritually blind. When you rebel against God he blinds you to the obvious and that’s what is happening. That’s why they can work day and night on these things. A five year old would say that’s not going to work, but they think it’s the greatest thing and anyone that doesn’t agree with them is an idiot, “oh, you don’t get it.” Well, they’re blind and God has made them blind and they will not see.

Twenty-five hundred years ago there was a man named Sun Tzu and he wrote a book called The Art of War, which is still one of the main manuals used in all our military academies in America. It was a masterpiece of warfare and strategy. And he said in that book if you know your enemy you’ll win the battle 50% of the time; if you know yourself you’ll win the battle 50% of the time, BUT if you know yourself AND your enemy you will win 100% of the time. And as I read that I thought you know what, in America we don’t know either one.

We don’t know who we are and we don’t know who we are fighting, we don’t know the philos-ophies, and the ideologies that are destroying us from within. And so we’re just ripe for the picking, especially our children. They don’t know anything about anything and so every story sounds true until you hear the other side. And we have left them like sitting ducks because they have not been given the truth and their ability to defend God’s Word in every area of life. And so when they go off to government schools, or as our statistics tell us at the colleges and universities, we lose 85-95%, it’s going up dramatically, in one semester; not four years of college, one semester we lose them. That’s how inadequate we’ve done in preparing them for the battle of worldviews. The Biblical worldview against secular humanism, Marxism, Islam, all these other worldviews that they don’t know anything about, and they sound really good if you don’t know the truth.

Now this is just a little, a brief trailer that they’re going to play here in just one second because it kind of sets up some of the different areas I’m going to talk about in the talk. [film: You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, there is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance.

[Different voices say each of the following sentences]

And this is a point I think we need to comprehend, if America goes down economically it will go down militarily.

If America goes down militarily we all go down, the free world is finished and it will be finished for a very, very long time.
Everything practically is in a self-destructive mode. We’re in the most critical period we’ve been in since the Revolutionary War.
If you’re not alert, you’re not awake with what’s happening. They would just as soon see this country on its knees and everything equalized.
That concept, collectivism, big government, is a magnet for the predator clash.  The plans for all this are to have everything globally in place by 2020. If we’re that dumb and we allow this to happen, we deserve everything we’re going to bet because we’re going to get it right in the neck.

We’re headed into what could be a nightmare that would make only atrocities of the 20th century look like they were a desperate [can’t understand word]. When people are afraid they ask government to be more, not less. Their theories are designed to scare the people to believe there’s a crisis where there is not a crisis at all. There’s no crisis. I think we are losing more and more freedom because we are afraid.

The left wants you to believe that catastrophe is always just around the corner and the only way to avoid it is to do exactly what they say. But this film will show everything they do is just a Trojan horse of deceit, carefully crafted to advance their real agenda of finishing America off.

We have been the main stumbling block to world communism since it first raised its ugly head.

From the promotion of Islam to the propaganda of climate change, from the deceit of common core to the manufacture of economic crisis, and from their manipulation of the evangelical church to the unsustainable debt burden this film will show the issues are simply being used as a smoke screen to hide the purposeful, premeditated treasonous attacks on the foundations of our freedom.

Our religion has just purged us from being able to determine right from wrong.
Do you know what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said about Russia, how the communist took over Russia? He said we forgot God.

Their stated agenda, carved in stone in [can’t understand word] Georgia and outlined in documents placed in the ark of hope is to eliminate six and a half billion people by century’s end, and they will succeed if we don’t stop them.

This is not just a plot over the United States of America, this is a plot for civilizations itself.
It’s everything Karl Marx dreamed of before [can’t understand word/ sentence].
America isn’t going to crack, we are [can’t understand word] end of film]
So I’m just going to briefly go into some of those areas it talks about, I can’t get into all the details of things but just the point of my talk is to help you really grasp the idea that we are in the midst of a revolution in this country from within. It’s a purposeful revolution, a destruction of everything that is good and right and true. It’s purposeful and it’s strategic and we need to understand that. It’s not just people with differing views on things, it’s people that are carefully working to destroy the foundations. And we need to be engaged in this battle.

Back in the 1960’s there was one of the 60’s radicals for the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, that said, and they give us a key to their strategy, they said, “The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.” Listen to that. The key element of the attack, “The issue is never the issue.” Whatever, the women’s rights or this or that, “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. We are going to use every little issue we can to fight for the revolution of destroying this country from within.”

And that’s what they’ve done. They know how to package their ideas where they sound very appealing. If it’s a Christian they’re trying to reach they’ll pack it with Jesus’ name in there or whatever to make us feel like oh, that must be a good thing, that man was talking about Jesus. And because we are ignorant of what God’s Word says so everything sounds good if it’s packaged in Christian labels and terms. But there’s a plan behind it.

In 1999 the BBC had a poll to determine who was the greatest thinker of the last 1,000 years; that’s a long time, not 100, 1,000. And this will help you understand the idea, the philosophies of who we’re fighting. Guess who won that? Karl Marx. And at first I thought oh, that’s ridiculous, and then I said no it’s not. He has had more influence on this world today than anyone in a thousand years. His ideas, we’ve been told communism is dead and the cold war is over, and nothing could be further from the truth. They accomplished the greatest feat that has ever been done in the history of warfare. They convinced their enemies they no longer existed.

And so they’re running about in our colleges and universities and the media. There was just a film this last year, what’s it called, Trumbo or whatever, it’s about one of the Hollywood screen writers who was a communist, it made him look like he was the greatest person of all time. He was a communist agent trying to subvert Hollywood.

And it’s everywhere we go, and the Marxist ideas are being accepted. That’s what’s being taught our children. I think if you interviewed people and surveyed them under 40 in this America, most of them, the ideas and philosophies of Marxism they would be totally for because they don’t understand what it is.

The foundation of it is this simple: It’s the philosophy that the good and the many outweigh the good and the few. If that sounds good to you, you’ve been influenced. America was never about the good and the many outweighing the good of the few. Why? Because when you have that philosophy there’s always going to be minority groups that are going to be abused, because all you’re worried about is the many. And you have another problem with that; big government will tell you what’s the good of the many; you have no way of knowing what’s best for everyone and every society in the country so when they tell you you need to do this to save the planet or whatever, you have to okay, I guess we’d better do that. So you’re just ripe to be abused.

America was about protecting each individual person because they are precious, they are made in the image of God and their life is priceless. And that’s why our Founding Fathers, if you read their writings, everything they talk about, how we do we protect the individual, how do we make sure government can’t intrude on them, society can’t intrude on them. They are free to do what is right before God and no one can get near them and touch them. That’s what America was about because they knew if you take care of the individuals the collective will be just fine.

When you start pooling things for the masses, a good old Marxist term, you abuse people; people have no value, no meaning. In Islamic ideology and in the communist ideology it’s identical, each individual human life has no value whatsoever; it’s expendable for anything. And that’s not America and that’s not Christianity.

One of the greatest Marxist thinkers of the 20th century was a man named Vladimir Lennon, who was the founder of the Soviet Union. He was a genius at strategy and I’ve read a lot of his things and he said the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself. And that is what has happened in this country. They realize you infiltrate, subvert and come from the inside, rise up and take things over. And that is what they have done. That’s what they did to the Christian church, on so many different things. As I studied this and dug in deeply that is what they’ve been working at for 80-90 years and that’s what they do.

One of the interesting things that is a result of making these films is when I first made the first film, it started to circulate through the grass roots all over America, and I started to get calls from older gentlemen that were retired intelligence, that love this country, they were good men that met together and some of them were in groups, CIA, FBI, even KGB agents that had defected to the West, and they said your movie… they just loved it but they said it doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg; we were in the middle of this, we know exactly what is going on. And they said … I built friendships with many of these people and it was just eye opening that they would tell me firsthand so many different things.

And one day I got a call from one of those gentlemen and he said Curtis, can you be in Houston tomorrow and I live in Boise, Idaho, and I said I think so, is it important? He said yes it is. Okay, I’ll be in Houston tomorrow. So I got there and they had flown in a gentlemen named Pavel Stroilov from the Soviet Union, he was born and raised in the Soviet Union. And who he is, his mentor was a man named Alexander Litvinenko and that name you might have heard of, he was the man that was poisoned by Putin with radioactive plutonium 210. And he was a KGB agent of Alexander Litvinenko.

Well, this was his protégé, and I met with him and it was so interesting. We talked about so many different things. While Alexander Litvinenko was alive he got Pavel a job at the Kremlin, working at the Gorbachev Institute and while he was there he stole 50,000 top secret documents from Gorbachev’s record while he was sin office, his private memos, and he took those and some of these intelligence men, I tell you, they translated them all into English from Russian, but those things, the ones they’ve given to me, they reveal everything we thought was true was true. And it’s, I mean, just from the United Nations being a Marxist organization and Gorbachev said that is our group, it’s our instrument for world policy, we control it, we are going to have world government through the United Nations and we will control it and on and on. The environmental movement, that is our new vehicle to take over the world. And so many different things, even with radical Islam, we arm it, we fund it, we finance it, we stir them up and let them create the chaos that we can take advantage of. And it was a lot of very sobering facts.

But he answered a question for me, Pavel, one key question of many, that was so important. I said Pavel, why didn’t communism die? I mean, it was proven to be a total failure, why didn’t it die? And this is what he said, it was so profound to me because I’d been studying this for ten years full time; he said Curtis, it’s still around and thriving more than it ever has because it never had its trial. Nazism is gone today because when World War II ended we had a trial, we exposed the evil of Nazism to the world, we had the Nuremburg Trials and so the whole world knew that’s not a good thing. He said when you guys won the cold war, which is a joke, he said you didn’t win anything. He said you didn’t have a trial, you didn’t oh, the communist dictator says they slaughtered their own people, there was no justice, there was no exposing the evil and so it just began to flourish. You didn’t go into the Soviet Union and remove the KGB from all the positions of power. He goes they’re stronger today than they have ever been, but you think they don’t even exist.

And he just went thing after thing and all of a sudden it made sense. I mean, they didn’t have…. Gorbachev, Mikhail Gorbachev, do you know what he did immediately upon stepping down from the Soviet Union? He started an environmental group, Green Cross International, and it’s one of the most powerful environmental groups in America, in the world today. They simply changed colors, they repackaged the red agenda that had had a bad name in the 20th century and they put green wrapping on it. That’s all that is. And we get into details of that, but it’s important to understand your enemy and to understand what’s going on.

And another key that was given to us, I’ll get into more of that in just a minute, another key that Vladimir Lenin gave us of their strategy, what they do, is this quote here: “Carefully attentively and skillfully take advantage of every, even the smallest fissure among the enemy. Seize every, even the smallest opportunity of gaining a mass ally , even though this ally be temporary, vacillating, unstable, unreliable, unconditional. Those who do not understand this fail to understand even a grain of Marxism.”

So what does that say in English? It says Marxists are about using people, everyone they can, anyone they can, they’ll use their enemy, they’ll use their friends, they’ll use anybody, any group, anything. They use people to gain control, to accomplish their goals and they’ve been very successful at it.

One of the little parts that the film gets into, the new film, is about the extremist assimilation into our society. We know, from our own records, that the communist were infiltrating the Christian churches and seminaries and divinity schools in America, at least by the 1930’s, maybe even in the 20’s, getting into all those seminaries to train the pastors. But here’s the thing we didn’t think about is they were also getting into all the Islamic seminaries in the Middle East and Alexander Litvinenko, that KGB agent that defected and died in London, before he died in London he told Pavel and the others in the news that was there, our media, of course, didn’t cover it, but he said I want you to know, and this is why Pavel said this is why Putin killed him, he was starting to expose radical Islam in the former Soviet Union hand and glove. He said I want you to know the terrorist attacks against the Soviet Union, remember when the apartment buildings were blown up in the Soviet Union? He said we did it, the KGB. The Islamics didn’t do that, we wanted to make it look like we were against them and so oh, they’re attacking us too, and all this. That was all just a show. And he also said we have been training, financing army, all the top leaders of radical Islam for 50 years in our country. This is nothing new. He said the head of the KGB right now is a soviet agent that has trained here with our KGB for a decade.

So a lot of things are not how we see them to be. Another thing we found out in the 90’s when a lot of the KGB files and stuff were opened as an act of good will toward us, have you ever heard of the Palestine Liberation Organization? The PLO? That was the most… that was the biggest, most powerful, one of the first key Islamic terrorist groups in the world. In the 70’s and 80’s is just ruled the world. Well, we know now that wasn’t Islamic at all, that was KGB agents from the Soviet Union acting like they’re Islamic. The PLO was 100% KGB Soviet Union.

They were stirring the pot because they love chaos. You read their writings, we want to do anything to create chaos because when things are chaotic it’s easy to put up your puppet guy and say he’s for the people, we need to change this government in Egypt or wherever, we need to change things around. They love chaos because when people are fearful they will accept anything if they think it will solve their problems.

Ian Pachepa, who was head of the Romanian KGB, had a meeting with Andropov, who was head of the Soviet KGB in 1972, Pachepa has now defected to America, many years ago, he realized the evils of communism, but he let us know, he said we sent, just at that one time, in 1972, 4,000 Soviet agents into the Islamic world to stir up hatred against Israel and the United States, to get into [can’t understand word], the work their way up where they are the leaders of Islam. They act like they’re Islamists but they are the leaders themselves, so they can control the useful idiots is what they call the people, like in America that they use, the people in any country they use, they call them useful idiots. They’re people, they believe our propaganda, we use them to accomplish whatever our goal is and they legitimize us.

One of their key strategies, they talk about all the time is we have to have it where the majority of people pushing for the world communism aren’t communist. It adds legitimacy to us. They’re like they’re well-meaning Christians that have bought into this utopia, or they’re well-meaning these people, that’s what makes us so validated, because people will attack them and the people will go we’re not communist, what is communism. But they’re being used for the movement and for the struggle for world communism.

Dr. Shariat, one of the gentlemen I interviewed in the new film, he lives in Dallas, you ought to go up and see him or maybe have him come speak here sometime, one of the sweetest Christian men I’ve ever met, just talking to him. His business card says this: “I love people that are optimistic for the Lord.” He has a satellite TV station that goes into Iran 24/7 Christian broadcasting TV station, they can’t stop it because it’s coming from satellite 24 hours a day, and his business card says, Iran Alive. Iran Alive is his ministry, it says, “Turning Iran into a Christian nation this generation.” I said can I give you a hug, I’m sorry, I love that. He said God’s going to do it, he said right now in Iran, and that’s where he was born and raised, so he’s been there and done that. He said right now he would estimate 75-85% of Muslims, he said there are not only secular Muslims that are serious about Islam, they’re not only could take it or leave it, he goes they hate Islam with every fiber in their body; they’ve lived under it now in the wave of… it was supposed to be perfect with the Ayatollah, we have the religious leader and the political leader are one person. It’s supposed to create a utopia on earth, just like communism, and they’ve been under it for forty years now and it’s a nightmare. They’ve been abusing… that’s our own government, our own… so they know it’s a lie. He said he’s getting calls every day from the children of the top Islamic leaders that have gotten saved and they we see it’s a lie, our father doesn’t pray to Allah, he doesn’t do anything he tells the people to do. He is in this for power and control. And that’s what it’s about.

I go through that in the film, that Islam and Communism are twins, their ideologies, one has a religious veneer, the other one now is getting a pagan veneer with earth worship and paganism with this environmental movement, but they are only about one thing—total control of the planet. And that is all it is about. And that’s why I asked Dr. Shariat, I said are you telling me the Islamic leaders of the world are not praying to Allah and really care about his thing. He smiled and he said are you kidding, it is power and control. They’re just using the [can’t understand word] that Allah is the answer, or whatever, and they’re just using that, they always use people.

And that’s why we have to expose them, that’s not right to allow these people to be used in a lie for evil. And as more and more are brought to America it’s not a good thing, but we as Christians need to take advantage of that. We need to be sharing the gospel with them. They are trapped, many of them, with fear, that is a religion of fear, that’s all it is about. You don’t know if you’re going to heaven or not, there’s no forgiveness, there’s no love, it is you obey or else, and maybe you’ll get into heaven.

But we have hope to share with them, we have security in Jesus Christ and we need to be sharing that. That’s what Dr. Shariat said, he said you need to be loving on them, they know nothing of real love and if you love on them, he goes it’s amazing what God can do through that.

And our educational system, my goodness, when something has been going the wrong direction for 70 years, straight years, it seems like people go something’s broken, we can’t keep doing what we’ve always done, but it’s always throw more money at it or whatever. Well, John Dewey, who was of course the founder of the government school system the way it is running today, he was a founding member of the Social Society in America, he was the author of the Humanist Manifesto, which is rotten to the core if you read it. He was one of the founders of the American Civil Liberties Union. Now if you’re not aware of that, I know it has a great name, they always do, all their groups have wonderful names.

The American Civil Liberties Union was started by a man named Roger Baldwin And Roger Baldwin, when asked, “What is the point of the ACLU,” said communism is the goal, period. And if that’s not enough proof of where they’re coming from when the ACLU first started their office in New York City, for years, was inside the Communist Party Headquarters USA. That’s where it was started from; they actually had an office in the Communist Party Headquarters. It’s all about twisting and abusing and turning everything on its head.

One of the top Marxist groups in American over the last 30 years or so is a committee in Chicago called The Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights. It’s a communist organization, a committee to Defend the Bill of Rights. Who’s not for that? I mean, they get tax funding, they do a lot of damage and we just sit by.

The next slide there, and this just briefly goes into it but here’s the thing I want you to understand. Whether it’s been Republicans in there, unfortunately, or Democrats, it’s been going the wrong direction, consistently. The higher ups in the Republican party are elitist just as much as those in the Democratic party. They’re hoping, I think, to be able to have a big government model that’s not abusive of the people, I think some of them… but it doesn’t matter, you get to the same path and government has to be abusive. Do you know why, like Bernie and all… you know, all the young people love Bernie, you can never stop at socialism. Do you know why? Because socialism doesn’t work and so sooner or later you have to get totalitarian because you have to pull out the guns to make people do what they won’t do on their own.

Why? Because we are sinful human beings; we’re naturally lazy, selfish, we do what we want to do, and when you’re in a system of socialism that says everyone gets paid the same, regardless of what they do, everyone eats whether they work or not, you’re defying God’s principles. That’s why it can’t work, He will not allow it to work. The Bible says if a man doesn’t work, neither shall he eat. It’s very, very clear. And the charity throughout America and the world was always supposed to be done by the church and individuals so there’s accountability. So you know if the guy is just lazy and if he is you don’t help him. That’s not loving and kind, to help a guy and to encourage him in his laziness. But when you find a guy that really does need help you do help him, sacrificially, but you’re there to keep… hey, did you go to that job interview I set up for you, did you… and you keep helping them along and you’re there and you know there’s accountability because you’re watching, you’re checking on them. Hey, what are you doing, you need to do this, you need to do that, and there’s accountability and that helps people get out of poverty.

Big government enslaves people in poverty and that was the point of it. The Great Society programs are for one purpose only, if you read it, LBJ, to guarantee the black society would be voting democrat from here on out. He was warned by Senator Daniel Moynihan, that he came to the President and he said Mr. President, if you implement this Great Society program it will destroy the black families in America. And he said I don’t care, it’ll guarantee their vote. If you study him enough he was not a good man; he did not do it with a well-meaning heart. They knew—I don’t care, we want the votes. And so it’s sad, and we allowed that to happen; we shouldn’t have, that’s evil. The black families in America have been destroyed through the welfare system. That’s our fault, we’re sitting idly by and not standing up and fighting with everything in us.

But the education thing here, real quickly, a key strategy they always use, which as I studied them I finally figured this out. Do you ever think it’s funny how they use… they give their different programs names. You think well, why would you give it name, why don’t you just do those things, like Common Core, why don’t you just implement those things in the system, no one knows what’s going on anyway, and not give it name, so it’s something for us to attack. But as I studied I realized they want us to have something to attack; they want those of us that are awake and engaged to have an enemy so we’re focused on Common Core, we’re going to beat that Common Core so we’re just focused on the branches of the treaty, we never get to the root of the problem. It’s very strategic, give your enemy a little icon to go attack while you’re still marching forward in all these other areas. It’ll keep them busy, they’ll feel like they did something, and even if they even beat it they’ll feel like oh, we had a great victory, we beat Common Core. But they’ll go we’re still are taking all the children five years to implement, to stop Common Core and guess what, we went ahead and implemented everything in Common Core anyway, we just didn’t tell you about it.
That’s like outcome-based education, all these different reform programs of the 80’s and 90’s, we thought we beat them but if you look at what those were they’re all in schools today anyway. They name things specifically to give you a target so you’re not focused on them. And it’s very strategic.

The environment, briefly this is an issue that is not going away in your lifetime. It will not go away, it doesn’t matter how many facts we have, it doesn’t matter why, because you cannot stop, you cannot step back from a movement of saving the planet. I mean, you can’t get grander than that, you can’t step back from that to some other little cause, you’ll lose half of your people. So it’s not going away, it doesn’t matter how many facts we have, it is going to be in our face. But we need to know the facts to help wake those up.

Now I’m just going to give you a couple of quick ones, the movie has more and there’s hundreds of great books out there now that expose the lies of environmentalism. But here’s one interesting one. It’s really disgusting and shocking but what is the foundation of the entire environmental movement? CO2 is a pollutant. That’s the bedrock of the whole thing. We’ve got a big carbon footprint, how dare you… well, I didn’t go to government schools, thankfully, and that would be humorous to me if it wasn’t so evil to lie to people like that. CO2 literally is plant food, it’s fertilizer for everything that is green and they call their movement The Green Movement. It’s going to cut carbon dioxide which hurts everything that is green. The current levels of CO2 in the world are 425 parts per million. Okay.

Well, if you go home and Google what’s the optimum CO2 level for everything green you will find the best level is 1600 parts per million. We are at one-fourth of the optimum level of CO2 for everything that is green to thrive. That’s why greenhouses have the CO2 machines just pumping carbon dioxide into the greenhouses, doubling, tripling and quadrupling the CO2 so the plants explode, and they do. Every time you double CO2 plant growth efficiency increases 35% so the same tree or plant will grow 35% faster, it’ll produce 35% more fruit or whatever it is, or vegetables; 35% more every time you double it.

Here’s the interesting thing too; if CO2 drops before 150 parts per million everything green in the planet dies. We’re right at the bottom of where the CO2 level is and they’re telling us to stop CO2 pollution, stop all this stuff. You know, the first logical question I hope that’s in your mind, well why would they do that? Because CO2 is expelled by every living thing on the planet. You are the enemy of the environmental movement. Productivity is the enemy of the environmental movement; all productivity produces CO2, whether you’re making energy, whether you’re driving around to work your businesses, air conditioner in homes, everything produces CO2, which is wonderful. And the most amazing thing of all, of all that CO2 which is a fraction of the environment, one-fourth of what it should be, the amount made by man is less than 10% of the CO2 in the atmosphere. 90% is off the oceans; it’s simply the way God designed evaporation off the oceans and things like that.

But that’s the bedrock of the whole thing; everything is based on that, and it’s a complete lie. We should encourage businesses to start factories that are just pumping out CO2 around the clock, if you really cared about what was green. Isn’t that funny? God knew what he was doing; He knew the more people on the planet the more food you’re going to need so the more CO2 you’re going to produce and it’s going to help everything to grow bigger and faster and stronger so there will always be plenty of food for everyone.

And yet Africa, no, they can’t get electricity because it’s going to produce too much carbon emissions, so they have to live in squalor and poverty, dying; over 50,000, 000 little black children have already died from the policies of the environmental movement, from malaria. 50,000,000, okay, and it keeps going; they won’t let them use DDT to stop the mosquitoes from biting them and DDT is harmless to the environment. And we don’t care, those little children are far more priceless than some little bird or whatever. But that’s even been prove to be a lie.

I know a man that goes around talks on DDT and he drinks some of it before every presentation, it is totally harmless, it’s the most wonderful chemical used appropriately inside the home to stop those malaria carrying mosquitoes from killing all these young children. And not only them but the 800,000,000 million people a year that get malaria, that are adults; they don’t die but they’re sick year after year, 800,000,000, almost a billion a year. Most of the world is suffering because of malaria and we could snuff it out like we did in America. We used to have malaria here, we used DDT and snuffed it out. So they go that’s not a good think, that’s hurting mankind. It’s all a lie! But it’s a scary lie.

You know, Mr. Gorbachev I talked about, he is one of the leaders in this movement, a murderous communist dictator. He slaughtered hundreds of college students these last two years as leader of the Soviet Union and he’s still treated like a king in America. In fact, when I came to meet with Pavlov that day a few years ago, I think 2012, that night here in Houston, Gorbachev was speaking so [can’t understand word] and I went together to hear him speak and the elite of Houston Texas went berserk for him when he was speaking. He was introduced by whatever, they have a big center downtown with a big arch and it was in this building, he was introduced as the greatest human being of all the last 50 years, this murderous, lying dictator.

And when I found out this, how many of you have heard of The Earth Charter? The Earth Charter is the new Ten Commandments for the environment, it’s supposed to be the new Ten Command-ments for the 21st century, and I found out that they were written by Mr. Gorbachev. And let me tell you how scary this gets. They were written and they were a blueprint for what they want to do with sustainability, which has nothing to do with sustainability, it’s about slavery. But it’s the blueprint for that worldwide and guess what they keep that in?

Guess what they keep the earth charter in? They made an exact replica of the Ark of the Covenant to keep that in, and people are literally worshipping it around the world, it travels throughout the world year round, they’re praying to it, putting gifts before it. This gets scary; it is an earth paganism which now has made earth the god so man is the enemy and when you do that any totalitarian means necessary to save the planet is justified, because it’s all about Mother Earth, man is the enemy of Mother Earth. You can’t sit on the sideline on this issue; do you hear me? If you do, just like we sat on the sideline with the Great Society programs and things, there’s going to be slaughter like the world has never seen. It’s going to make the 20th century of the hundreds of millions killed by communism look like a joke. I truly believe by the end of this century they will have killed at least five billion of us, under the guise of saving the planet. I truly believe that, through euthanasia, abortion and other means.

And so we’ve got our work cut out for us because as a Christian we know that every human being was made in the image of God and they’re precious and priceless and we have to stand up and protect them. We have to expose these lies because evil is just beginning to flourish because we’ve failed to stand up like we could, but we can repent of that and turn now and say God, what would you have me to do. And then do it with courage and cheerfulness, whatever He asks you to do.

The evangelical church, again I talked about it a little bit, in the film I go back, in the early 1950’s the Congress of America, they had a committee called The Un-American Activities Committee, and they investigated what communism was doing in our country, and they interviewed some of the top communist leaders that had come over to our side, and they said our number one goal since the early 30’s was to take over the divinity schools and the seminaries because Christianity is our main target and we’ve got to start teaching the pastors themselves so that we can control the whole church and use them as useful idiots for our cause. We can use them to push social justice, or creation care, or whatever the little buzz word they create to use us to push things in their… a big government, regulation, and so on and so forth.

And it goes into the details in the movie but it’s what’s happened. We were warned though; how many of you have ever heard of a man, General William Booth? He was the founder of the Salvation Army and he said this: “The chief danger of the 20th century will be religion without the Holy Spirit, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God and heaven without hell.” That’s exactly where we’re sitting today. Do you know that between 85-90% of our seminaries, evangelical seminaries in America, do not believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. That’s how successful they have been. That’s why most churches, if you go to church here and I know your pastor, I can tell by his talks last week and his stuff, he does believe in Genesis through Revelation; you be thankful, you listen, you obey, you support, you get behind, you invite guests in so this church can grow and have more impact in this community, and more impact in this community; that’s all it starts with, each individual person getting serious about following the Lord. And then grouping together where we can accomplish more together than we can by ourselves. But be grateful for what God has given you. We have been so blessed in this country.

The next thing the film got into a little bit and is the purposefulness of the economic espionage in this country. The reason why it’s so hard to make ends meet, you have both parents working but you still can’t make it. That was all planned out. In the 30’s and 40’s and 50’s I read so many articles by them that said listen, we’ve got to create enough inflation where the woman has to work whether she wants to or not, so we get the kids. They understood it’s about the kids; we don’t. We’d give our kids to any little thing coming along, oh, little league, church group, just keep them away from us. We delegate all our responsibilities as parents in raising and teaching and training and discipling our children and we will stand before God and give an account of that. We can’t do that! But the economic things are purposeful.

If you look at the next slide there, it’s reason why the homes… in 1915 my grandfather bought a very nice house, it was a beautiful Victorian for $4500. Then in 1965 I was raised in a very nice house on a lake in Florida and my dad paid $45,000 for. And our home in Idaho cost $450,000. Every fifty years things go up ten times in price. That’s why it’s so hard to make it. And that’s with the inflation rates we’ve had, which most people think well, it’s not a big deal; it is a big deal. It’s purposely stealing our wealth. And the movie gets into the key people behind it who said we are going to steal their wealth and they won’t have a clue what’s happening. Do you know who the man that said that is? John Maynard Keynes, Keynes’ Economics is what we proudly boast we’re Keynes’ economists today, he said we’re going to steal their wealth from them, they won’t have a clue what’s going on. We’re going to impoverish them so we can control them.; he goes it will end in destruction, and he was happy about that. But we’re all, Obama is a proud Keynesian, most of the Republicans are proud Keynesian; the Bible says the borrower is servant to the lender. And that will not be defied, getting more in debt will never solve your economic problems.

Now I’ll just move through a few things here, I guess one thing I want you to understand is, again, it’s the leaders of the other side, there’s many well-meaning people on every side of everything that is sucked into the propaganda, how to be naïve or whatever, but the people that are in charge of the policies and in putting forth the issues and things, they know what they’re doing. And we, a lot of times, legitimize them by acting like oh, those Democrats just don’t understand economic policy, or oh, they don’t get this or they don’t get that or whatever. And we’re the ones being naïve by saying that. They know exactly what they are doing, they are trying to hurt the economy. Why? Because they want dependency, it guarantees votes which guarantees control. It’s always that way.

You couldn’t be as consistent in doing things as anti-American as most of our politicians have been unless it’s purposeful. You couldn’t be that… you’re going to be… I mean, I love the saying “consistency has never been a virtue of ignorance.” When things are 100% consistent it’s not out of ignorance; it is a purposeful plan. And we have to accept that, we can’t go there just in fantasy land, they don’t get it, they don’t understand. They know what they’re doing and we need to stand in opposition to them.

I just got a couple of things here in closing. Do you remember this picture? Have you ever seen this one before? I love this picture, that sweet man, called the Tank Man; in Tiananmen Square in 1989 there was a college protest, a peaceful college protest, just with signs, we’d like a little more freedom to listen to our music or to talk about ideas, no violence, no anything, and the Chinese government came in and rolled the tanks in, and this man stood in front of the line of tanks and he would not move. They started to go around him and he would go and step in front of them. They’d go the other way… and then he finally climbed up on top of them and stuff, and I heard they eventually took him out and executed him.

That’s the kind of commitment we need to truth. We’re willing to stand up regardless of the cost, no matter what the cost is, because it is truth. Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” He is the truth. Whenever you are standing for the truth you are standing for Jesus Christ. And any time you are cowardly and do not stand for the truth you’re turning your back on Jesus Christ. We can’t do that. We have to stand with courage.

I’m going to tell you a quick story here that’s so important, it really impacted my life. In the 1980’s Romania had a dictator called Ceausescu, one of the ruthless dictators in the communist world. He’d been there for decades and December of 1989 he gave the orders to have one more of the many churches he’d bulldozed, one more church bulldozed. And he’d done this for thirty years to many of them. But this pastor and this congregation just of a few people, they heard that was going to happen and they said no, he’s not going to bulldoze our church, we won’t let him do that. And so they, the bulldozer showed up and they stood out front with candles just singing, out in front of their church, 25 people or whatever. And when the bulldozer got there they didn’t know what to do because they didn’t know people were going to be there, so they went back to get orders, it was before cell phones and things, and they came back the next day, and there was hundreds of people out there.

So they went back again and they said now there’s hundreds, so they came back the next day and there was tens of thousands of people standing in front of this church singing and holding a candle. And they were chanting something, which tells me they understood the battle we are in. Do you know what they were chanting out there as they were standing? There is God, there is God, there is God. They understood the lies of communism that says there is no God is a lie. They knew the whole battle was over God or man, we’re going to do things God’s way and be subservient to Him or we’re going to be ruled by tyrants. There’s no other alternative in this world, and they understood that and their way of saying that is “there is God,” you can do whatever you want but we know God is there. And they stood there, finally Ceausescu gave the orders, kill them. And they started machine gunning down those sweet Christians out there and they didn’t leave, they took the bullets and they’re machine gunning them down.

And I believe God supernaturally answered their prayers and their sacrifice. Do you know what happened? They killed about 500 of them, and then all of a sudden the communist soldiers stopped shooting them and God pierced their heart through; they realized they were killing their own people and He opened their eyes to that. They had been doing it for 30 years but all of a sudden God revealed their eyes and those tanks turned, they drove back to the palace, they got Ceausescu and his wife and they took them out and executed them. That night it was Christmas Eve, 1989 and the next morning the paper in Romania, a communist country, said the antichrist is dead, Jesus is born. [clapping] They had no weapons, no power, no influence but God blessed their courage and communism ended in Romania. They were willing to die for what they believed in and we need to be too. Jesus, His worth, I promise you that, I promise you He is so worth it, it would be a blessing to have the privilege of dying for Him.

None of us want things to happen like that and He knows that. He knows we’re cowards, so fleshly and whatever, but if we have to take that thing, like many great people in history have, He’s worth it. He is so worth it! And we need to think about that.

Now I’m going to show you one last little clip here, if you go just to the very last clip, don’t start it quite yet, I want to say one last thing here, before you show that I want to say one thing. Again, I think too often in life we get overwhelmed by the big picture. We see America crumbling and we go I can’t save America, and that’s right, you can’t. But God can. And I want to tell you this: I think the key, the total key for us as Christians in winning this battle for truth and righteousness is one thing; it can be summed up in one word and nothing else—obedience. Obedience!

We have to obey God; God told us exactly how things are to be done. He gave us His Book, He gave us the truth, we have to obey Him. Regardless of the cost we have to obey, obey, obey, and be asking Him… well, I don’t know what He wants me to do. Well, start reading His Book every day first of all and you’ll see many things, like sharing the gospel with everyone you meet. Make a commitment today that you are not going to bed each night the rest of your life if you haven’t shared the gospel or given a tract to at least one person. Don’t just say God, it’s 11:00 o’clock at night but I’ll go find someone, but I am going to share the gospel, the truth of You with someone every day the rest of my life. And hopefully more than that, but start there. There’s great tracts you can give you at first if you’re nervous. There’s a program called The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort, it had a great impact on me in effective ways of communicating the gospel. Maybe there’s a church some time, you can watch some of those.

I really appreciate the message of those but in 2008 I felt God wanted our family to make a film. And I kind of said no for about six months and I was praying about it and I finally realized, He really does. And so I said okay God, we’ll do it, but we’ve never made a film before, You have to help. And He did. And I just want to tell you, everyone has a different task but that’s what He asked us to do. And right as we were starting to make that film, we hadn’t even bought a camera yet, my kids said, Daddy… they had heard that there was a big film festival in Texas, in San Antoni, that had 100,000 grand prize for best of festival. And they said Daddy, why don’t we fast and pray this Friday that your film, the one I hadn’t even started on, I hadn’t even bought a camera yet, wins that festival. Like, okay! You never want to discourage anyone from asking and praying but it was like oh my goodness, that’s kind of a big request.

So we did it. The next Friday I went in to get breakfast stuff out and my daughter said Daddy, it’s Friday, are we going to fast that the film wins. I said oh, this Friday too, I didn’t realize that. She goes every Friday until it wins. To make a long story short, this is your God too, it’s not just my God, we fasted and prayed every single Friday as a family for 22 months until God did this.

[music plays] In 2007 I was a State Representative and I had no idea the things I would discover about why America was collapsing from within would motivate me to take my life savings and make a film. And I had never made a film before. During the two years it took to finish the project my children prayed daily that it would win the largest single cash prize film festival in America, which in my thinking was a mighty tall order. But of course, it wasn’t for God.

[Announcer says] The 2010 $101,000.00 dollar grand prize for best of festival goes to, [can’t understand word]. [clapping] God is so good, I’d like to thank Him for just the wonderful wife He gave me, I don’t think any man can even reach a fraction of his potential if he doesn’t have the woman with him that God intended him to have for life and I want to thank her. Kids, I’m giving this to you so you’ll always remember God does answer prayers. Thank you so much.

The way we talk about it as a family and what I want to encourage you in closing here is we have to be willing to give God our loaves and fishes; He’s the one that feeds the 5,000. Whatever He is giving you, give it to Him and say God, You do something with this. Whatever it is you are responsible for your circle of influence. You have a different one than I have; you have a different one than your pastor has, but you will give an account of that circle of influence. Use it wisely, give it to God; He can do the miraculous. He can take someone that hates standing in front of people and put them in front of people and hopefully give them something to say to impact people’s lives. He does the miracles but we have to be willing. We have to say God, I give you everything that I have and everything that I am, I ask you to use it to glorify Yourself. And He will do it, I promise you. Thank you so much. [clapping]