KHCB Broadcast – Pastor’s Q & A – October 28, 2021

KHCB Broadcast – Pastor’s Q & A – October 28, 2021
none • Dr. Andy Woods • October 28, 2021 • KHCB Radio


KHCB – Q & A – October 28, 2021

The transcript contains the Questions received – parenthesis indicate where in the broadcast the question is asked :


1 – (05:30) – What does glorified mean?  Caller references Psalm 22:23, Isaiah 24:15, Romans 15:6.

2 – (07:40) – Could you give a scriptural example or two about false humility along with how it was corrected?

3 – (09:30) – I was wondering what Proverbs 17:18 mean about striking hands – there’s two verses in Proverbs about striking hands. But that’s one of them.  (KJV)

4 – (12:00) – Out of the Book of Luke 3:38 – it says that Adam is the son of God, and out of Adam came Seth, and out of Seth in the process of time, came Abraham, and out of Abraham came Solomon, the son of David, the King, the anointed one.  And in process of time came Joseph, and out of Joseph came Jesus.  How could Jesus be the “Son of David”, “The King of Kings”, “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”, “The Root and Offspring of David” if he had no earthly father – if Joseph is not his father, how could he be all these things?

5 – (15:00) –When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, where there other people or was it just Adam and Eve?

6 – (17:53) – Can you please explain Revelation 18:23?

7 – (21:57) – On the so-called thing called the “Heavenly Ministry of Jesus Christ” – His earthly ministry being that He was slaughtered as the Lamb of God, that was His earthly ministry to get Himself crucified for the sins of the World.  He did that – and then He was taken up to Heaven and He became the ruler of the kings of the Earth.  The text that I would like to ask about Him having a heavenly ministry is really the focus of my question.  But this verse in I Corinthians 15:24 says “then cometh the end when He shall have delivered up the kingdoms to God, even the Father, when He shall have put down all rule and authority and power”.  Can that be considered what Jesus is doing or has been doing since He arrived on the throne of God (after He got resurrected)?

8 – (27:55) – Do you believe that we are in the last days – and why?  Do you believe that this is the Pre-Tribulation time,  Mid-Tribulation or Post-Tribulation and why?

9 – (41:15) – In reference to I Corinthians 7:15, what does it look like in the modern day time when you have unbelieving spouses, they have not physically departed, but they have verbally and every other way, departed and expressed that they want to depart, but they are still physically present?

10 – (45:37) – I need an explanation for Jeremiah 23:34 – it says “if one of my people or a prophet or a priest even uses the words ‘the Lord’s burden’, I will punish him and his family”.  Why will he be punished for using that phrase?

11 – (49:03) – My question about the world is – there are two, there’s a preacher that says there are two people in the booth, one will be taken and the other will be left – will you explain this to me please?

12 – (52:52) – I have a question and this is in reference to Mark 13:32 – it says “but in that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”.  My question is – if the Father and the Son are one, why in some scriptures it separates the Father from the Son?

13 – (56:20) – I have a question regarding Genesis 6:1-7 – specifically about who are the sons of God and who are the daughters of men and why was God not pleased that they came together?