Exposing Islam – Part 2b

Exposing Islam – Part 2b
1 John 2:22-23 • Shahram Hadian • March 11, 2018 • Exposing Islam


2B contains the second half of the audio portion of the session.  The video is the same for 2A and 2B.

Shahram Hadian

Exposing Islam, Part 2b

March 11, 2018

Begins with video playing, can’t hear what it’s saying.  Shahram says listen, this is important.

Don’t take my word for it.  Islamic expert, Sheik Yasir Qadhi, according to [can’t understand word]  he’s an expert in Islam, and an expert in the Hadid.  He just told you sitting in a church building, in front of Christians, that not only was Jesus not crucified, it was Judas, but He’s coming back as a secondary figure.  Now here’s what he didn’t tell you.   You see, Yasir Qadhi has committed the lie of [can’t understand word, sounds like: kit mah].  In Islam lying is permissible to the unbeliever.  The lying of [same word] means the lying of a mission.  You tell the truth but you leave some things out.  What he didn’t tell you was when that Jesus, according to the Hadid, comes back He’s going to destroy the cross.  I’ll talk about this in the conference more.  He’s going to destroy Christianity because all the true Christians will realize we were wrong on the Trinity and we’re going to side with Islam.  He’s going to kill the pigs, now that means the swine animals because they’re  unclean, but that’s also a term for the Jews.

So Jesus, the Muslim prophet of Islam will return, lead an army, hunt around the world, they will destroy every cross, destroy every church, dismantle Christianity, and he’s going to kill every last Jew on the planet.  And finally he’s going to abolish the [can’t understand word] attack, that’s the extortion attack that you pay to be a second class citizen.  AND, he will subservient to the Islamic Messiah, the [can’t understand word].   I cover that, we have a DVD called The Islamic, God’s Judgment in the Last Days, and we talk about prophecy and some interesting aspects of the eschatology of Islam, to look at their eschatology.

By the way, they believe… they also have an antichrist.  Do you  know who their antichrist is?  Who wants to guess?  The Jesus Christ of the Bible!  They say that the antichrist will come in on a donkey.  The say the [can’t understand word] will come riding on a white horse and he will sign a seven year covenant.  That’s what they teach.  The Jesus of the Bible, they call Him [can’t understand words] the false Messiah.  But that’s how much respect we give to Jesus.

Now here’s my question to you.  If you were sitting in that building, if you were seated on that couch across from him, what would you have done.  Because I tell you right now I would be jumping out of my chair.  Well, first of all I would have never agreed to go into an interfaith dialogue or I would have agreed ahead of time no matter what is said I won’t refute you.  The man sits across from you and denies the crucifixion of your Lord and you sit there with a smug look on your face… forgive me, I’m just pointing out what it would have looked like.

What is going on in the church?  Now did James White say, you know what Dr. [can’t understand name]  stop time out, I’m sorry, that’s wrong.  Nope!  Can you correct him afterwards?  Nope!  Did he go on You Tube afterwards and say you know what, when [same name] said this was wrong Christians don’t listen, nope!  He never corrected it.  But you know, we’ve got [can’t understand word]  to know our Muslim neighbors.  In fact, according to the Sharia Law Book it says that the final object of Jihad, which is the war against non-Muslims is going to continue until the descent of Jesus.  And when Jesus comes back He’s going to rule by the law of Mohammed and not by the [sounds like: En-geel], which is the gospel.   There you go.  But other than that we have a lot in common.

So folks, if the crucifixion never happened there is no resurrection; if there is no crucifixion, if there is no resurrection you and I are wasting our time being here today.  Pastor Woods, let’s close up the church and go home.  Let’s just pack it in, we’re done because let’s face it, all of us have believed the lie for two thousand years.  Right?  If this is true would you agree it’s the greatest hoax in human history?  If Jesus was never crucified it’s the greatest hoax in human history.  And according to Islam, according to the angel Gabriel, it never happened.   [can’t understand word] sitting in interface dialogue in ecumenical [can’t understand word] and Islam is an Abrahamic faith and Muslims believe it… how can Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah and deny that He was crucified or resurrected?  Isn’t that the central theme of atonement?  Without the cross, without the shedding of blood you and I have no atonement for our sins, better line up pastor, the sheep and the goats and let’s start getting back to do sacrifices.

Do you understand?  This is how serious this is.  Well, but we just want to love, love, love.  Listen, look, that pastor in Tacoma said well, Pastor Hadian what do you suggest I do, I want to reach this Imam from Iran with the gospel.  I said go take him out for lunch, go buy him a kabob, you don’t bring him into the church!  Dr. White, if you want to reach Yasser [can’t understand word] and share the gospel go have a meal together, invite him to your house, share the gospel.  You don’t welcome him into the church and give him kudos and say listen to this man!!!

They deny the Father and the Son and they said the Christians, the most merciful Allah has taken for himself a son, assuredly you utter a hideous thing whereby almost the heavens are torn and the earth is split asunder and the mountains fall in ruins.  Surah 19:88  Surah 5:17; 10:58, 9:30 also assert the same thing, Allah does not have a son nor is he a father.  In fact… in fact, Muslims [can’t understand words]  at least seventeen times in their daily prayers reciting in the [can’t understand word], their daily prayers this verse, Surah 1:12 4, in the Arabic, [says Arabic words]  He begets not nor is He begotten.  In their daily prayers they’re literally saying Allah is not a father nor is he a son.

What does 1 John 2 and 1 John 4 say?  If you deny the Father and the Son this is the spirit of antichrist.  If you deny Jesus has come in the flesh and He is the Christ, this is the spirit of antichrist. So let me say it this way, James White invited an anti-Christ spirit into the church.  I don’t know how else to say it.  But that’s harsh Pastor Hadian.  YES, it’s harsh, it’s harsh what he did.  A man comes into the church and denies Jesus was even crucified and we’re talking about it’s wonderful?????

Now, they also deny the Abrahamic faith.  This is why Islam is not Abrahamic.  There are three reasons why Islam is not Abrahamic.  Number 1, there is no Islam during the time of Abraham, that’s a duh!   Number 2, more than 80% of the Muslim population in the world are Arabs.  That’s an inconvenient fact because the notion that every Muslim is an Arab is false.  In fact, most Arabs are non-Muslims.  Are there not Jewish Arabs?  Christian Arabs?  Agnostic Arabs?  Sure there are.  “Arab” is not a religious term.  So to say that just because you’re Arab… because remember, why is the Arab thing tied back to Abraham through Ishmael, right?  The [can’t understand words] Ishmael, you’re Arab, fine, I don’t mind acknowledging that, if you’re a descendant of Ishmael you’re an Arab but just because you’re an Arab doesn’t mean you’re a Muslim.

But here’s the most compelling reason.  Those are good but not as compelling.  Here we go, number three, once again contradiction.  Christianity teaches that… we’re almost done folks, Christianity teaches that Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac on the altar on Mount Moriah, right?  God gave the covenant promise through Isaac, AND more importantly, the seed of the Messiah comes through the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Correct?  Over (by some estimates) from 150-308 Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament.  The most important aspect of the prophecy is lineage.  Right.  It has to be a certain lineage otherwise God is a liar.

So now comes along Islam; Islam shows up 600 years later, remember, by the revelation of the angel Gabriel and says Abraham is going to sacrifice his covenant son Ishmael, not on Mount Moriah, which is where Jerusalem is, but in Mecca, 900 miles south.  Oops, and oh, by the way, he’s the covenant son, not Isaac.  Well guess what?  If you cut that lineage to Isaac you’ve now cut the lineage of the Messiah.  And guess what?  That’s what Satan wants to do, deny the Messiah, deny Him as Lord, and what better vehicle than Islam who comes and says He wasn’t even crucified.  It’s all a fun joke by Allah?  No, it’s the worst hoax in human history if that is true.  Islam cannot be Abrahamic, it’s impossible.  How can it be Abrahamic if the two covenants deny each other?  Does that make sense?  Or again too much logic Shahram, too much logic.

And finally, as  you just heard Dr. Qhadi [sounds like: Gotti] Islam denies that Jesus is coming back as Lord of Lords [can’t understand words]   He’s coming back as a physic, as a prophet to rule an army [can’t understand word].  He’s going to get every Christian, right?  No he’s not because he’s a counterfeit.  The true Jesus IS returning, the true Jesus is coming back.

One final warning for you on this note that I see is very troubling.  All the stuff is bad, this one is even just as bad.  I see Christians celebrating Ramadan.  The billboards you see, or the little yard signs you see is actually put out by the Minnesota Council of Churches.  I saw this in Minnesota when I was there.  It says here, To our Muslim neighbors bless Ramadan.  So I asked the question, do Christians know what Ramadan is?  You ask the Muslim what’s Ramadan?  A time of fasting.  That’s partially true, it is a time of fasting.  It’s one of the five Surah’s of Islam.  But what’s the real reason behind Ramadan?  What was Ramadan?  Ramadan is the month, according to Mohammed, and I’ll cover this tomorrow morning, that the Qur’an was revealed.  It’s the month that the Qur’an was given to him.  Well you go hold on a second, what are we celebrating if we celebrate Ramadan, because they, Muslims, are celebrating another revelation, another gospel, another god, another messenger; Islam’s revelation is a revelation of what?  Refuting the Bible, refuting Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Messiah, refuting the cross, refuting the resurrection, refuting the Father and the Son.

So if we are celebrating Ramadan are we not celebrating another revelation that denies our faith?   But you know Shahram, this is going to give us inroads into the Muslim community,  you don’t understand, they’re opening their doors.  Oh sure, they’ll open their doors to the mosque and have a [can’t understand word] dinner and invite Christians to go have a Ramadan meal; they will NEVER allow you and I to share the gospel!   And we’re blessing it?  My God in heaven, what are we doing?  We’re blessing a revelation that denies our revelation. A house against itself CANNOT STAND!.   A  house divided against itself… okay.  So to wrap up, [can’t understand word] did I step on something, did I do something, I don’t know what I did, I think I did something, I messed up something, I always mess up something.  [can’t hear]

Okay, it’s not there, I’ll wrap it up.  To wrap it up let me say this:  I hope I’ve shown you today number 1, there is no common word, there is no common God, Islam cannot be Abrahamic, that’s a lie, and certainly Muslims cannot believe Jesus is the Messiah when they deny He was even crucified.  That’s impossible!!!

So therefore what are we called to do?   We are called to simply not engage in interface of ecumenicalism; we’re called to declare the gospel.  We said after this James White thing, I said why are we debating the gospel or dialoguing the gospel?  We’re supposed to declare the gospel; it’s not your message, it’s not my message, it’s His message.  And it’s the message that was given to me 19 years ago, somebody (thank God) had the courage to risk offending me, when I was offended by the gospel because that’s what it says it does, right?  Romans 9:33, for the gospel is “a rock of offense” but to those who receive it if gives life.  [Romans 9:33, “just as it is written, ‘BEHOLD, I LAY IN ZION A STONE OF STUMBLING AND A ROCK OF OFFENSE, AND HE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.’”]

And yet we’re here today in 2018 and sadly even conservative churches are engaging in this nonsense, these erroneous unbiblical practices and ultimately, although we don’t recognize this, they’re actually joining forces with an antichrist spirit.  We’re covenanting with an antichrist spirit.  I pray we have the wisdom, the revelation and the knowledge to repent, Lord forgive us, raise up Your bride, purify Your bride, get us back on track to fulfilling the great commission.  We are not going to see these Muslims be saved; how can these Muslims be saved when we’re telling them to worship the right God, you have a right revelation, you just have to tweak a couple of things.  How can we save them if we say you can believe in Jesus and stay inside the mosque?  Of you can be a Messianic Muslim?  Or let us change our Bibles for you and contextualize them so we don’t offend you?  None of that is going to bear fruit because it’s all evil corrupted fruit.  We have to bear good fruit, don’t we?  Amen!

So in wrapping up I want to say our commitment must be back to Biblical evangelism.  In the conference the last session we’re going to spend the whole time on how to share Christ with Muslims but as Dr. Woods said, part of our ministry, what the Lord has called us to do is expose; we must first expose so that we can correct, so that we can equip.  You can’t equip and build on a foundation that right now is faulty in the church.  Muslims are not going to get saved and they’re going to hell and Christians are going to get compromised.  And as I said in the first session, the very end, we lose our saltiness, we lose our light, we lose the witness because we’re not operating by the power of God.  We’re operating by doctrines of demons.  That’s what this is, these are doctrines of demons, satanic strategy.  I pray today you have seen it.  I pray today the Lord has opened your eyes.  I pray today the Lord will equip you and I pray the Holy Spirit will fall on His church and give us a renewed boldness to go out there and proclaim the gospel.  As Dr. Woods said, we’re not here to bash individual Muslims; we must love them to Christ.  They are lost, they are slaves, they are victims of Islam, they need rescuing, as I did, by the grace of God.  But we must resist this ideology that is an antichrist spirit and NEVER, EVER, EVER, give it access into the house of God.  I pray we will have wisdom to turn back and stop what we’re doing.

God bless you.  Pastor Woods, thank you again for letting me be here; thank you for letting me go a little extra today; six hours I got it into an hour and half so I did better for you.  [clapping] And I will see you back there, Lord bless you.